A Visit to Shrewsbury Veterans Outreach Hub

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Veterans Outreach Hub in Shrewsbury town centre. I discussed various legal issues, which may impact the group personally, or indirectly impact some of the people they assist on a day to day basis.

Topics included various motoring offences, such as the risk of inadvertently driving under the influence of prescription drugs and how I could help in such a situation.

I also discussed how people leaving the Forces could find themselves struggling with mental health issues that, without help, could result in their lives unravelling quickly. For example, losing employment, relationships and accommodation, which could then spiral into the abuse of drink and drugs, thus further exacerbating the situation.

I hope that the message taken away is that there is help and support out there for anyone, particularly those with a Forces background, to access. Interestingly, earlier today the Shropshire Star released an article touching upon some of these issues.

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