Don't Drink and Drive or Drug Drive This Christmas

It’s that time of year with the office Christmas party on the horizon that the Police begin their drink drive, and this year drug drive, awareness campaigns.


Most people are sensible enough not to risk driving the same evening they have been out, but many fail to realise they could still be over the legal limit the following day or beyond as the drink and possibly recreational drugs flow freely.

On average, it takes one hour for a healthy liver to process one unit of alcohol; meaning just three glasses of wine could take nearly seven hours to leave the system. However, this does depend on a number of factors, such as weight, gender, age, and even current stress levels, so it is not always easy to tell whether the alcohol will be out of your blood stream.

If you are not sure, then don't risk driving, as the consequences of a conviction nearly always leads to a ban from driving, which may cost you your job, and much more. As well as having dire consequences for your future employability.

What to do if the worse case happens 

In the worst case scenario you could face a jail term of up to six months imprisonment for driving over the drug or alcohol limit. 

If you find yourself in trouble then contact a nationally recognised Legal 500 Next Generation Lawyer, who is 'helpful, well-informed, sensible and good in court' and specialises in working with clients who have little to no experience of the criminal system, especially in youth matters.

Other satisfied clients add….

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So call someone you can trust for any legal advice or query, then Lanyon Bowdler’s crime and motoring team will be available 24/7 throughout the Christmas and New Year period. I can be contacted on 07776 184489 or alternatively one of the team on 07967 751277.