Hope House & Ty Gobaith

Following on from my recent blog regarding my visit to Ty Gobaith, I have now run the Conwy Half Marathon, taken part in the Lantern Walk and attended a number of other events to support this amazing charity which provides such an incredible service which benefits our clients.

Conwy Half Marathon

When I first signed up to this I did not realise just how difficult it would be. My colleague Edward Nutting who is a partner based in our Conwy meeting rooms also signed up. Neither of us are runners, so training began. The training itself was hard work but at the same time we had a goal to achieve. We were fundraising using Just Giving and traditional sponsorship forms and the support we have been given by family, friends, colleagues and clients kept us going.

On the day I was very nervous, all those thoughts such as ‘what if I need the bathroom’, ‘what if I fall over’, ‘what if I can’t finish’ were swimming in my head. On arrival at the start line I was delighted to see the amount of people there in support of all of the runners. The first part was not that bad but we then arrived at the Great Orme. The uphill was extremely difficult and it was freezing and windy. Every bend I turned I prayed for the down hill but the up hill seemed to last forever. The other runners were wonderful people and we all supported each other. I was very aware that I was slow in comparison to many others but the group of runners I was near were fantastic. The relief I felt when I saw the down hill and could just let gravity take my poor legs was immense.

My knee decided to give way with three miles to go and it was incredibly painful, but I was determined to finish. Unfortunately this meant me having to walk for two of those miles. There was a huge crowd of supporters on the last mile and they were all so kind even though they did not know me. I managed to run the final stretch and was so relieved to see the finish line.

It took me a few weeks to recover and my knee is still not back to normal but I am so pleased that I did it. I thought of all the children throughout the race and particularly our clients. Edward and I managed to raise over £1,500 between us and that makes it all worth while.

Hope House Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk took place in The Quarry, Shrewsbury and I recommend it to anyone who would like to support the charity. It was an incredibly moving event with staff members from Hope House singing at the start.

The Lantern Walk is an opportunity for family members and supporters to remember all of the children who have passed away. It was a gentle walk designed so that all ages and abilities could take part. There were an array of lanterns and other lights and Hope House kindly brought along lanterns for those who did not already have one to use. It was a truly lovely event and I will certainly take part again next year.

Christmas Events

Hope House and Ty Gobaith have a number of activities over the festive period. I attended a Christmas Bazaar with an array of stalls to get you in the Christmas spirit recently. I have also attended their festive lunch which is a great way to speak with other supporters and families.

I would definitely recommend looking on the events page of the Hope House website as there is so much that you can be involved in and it all goes to a wonderful cause.