How to Avoid the Nightmare before Christmas (Injuries, Not the Film)

Hallowe’en is a comparatively more popular holiday across the pond compared to here in the UK. But throughout the years, more and more children in the UK take part in dressing up and participating in ‘trick-or-treating’ around their area. Adults get involve too, by also dressing up and hosting, or attending, parties or going to their local pub, before heading to town to dance the night away.

Sometimes accidents and injuries can occur, unfortunately. Knowing that an injury can happen whist you are dressed up as either a fictional monster or a horrible sight – e.g. a defendant lawyer (ahh!) - is part of the preparation that you should understand, as you may find yourself in litigation over the cause, and you may need services from a personal injury lawyer (me!).

With the weather getting colder and clocks going back an hour, adults and children commonly go out at night when visibility is poor, costume masks that further restrict vision may be worn, and as a lot of people will be out and about to enjoy the holiday, the probability of an accident naturally increases. According to Churchill Car Insurance analysis published by the Department for Transport on 31 October 2017 reveals there is an increased risk of being hit by a car posed to young ‘trick-or-treaters’ on Hallowe’en.

What are the common types of accident that could occur, you say?

Slips, trips and falls

This is probably the most common type of accident on Hallowe’en, mostly due to walking around at night in an unfamiliar costume with people around. Most slips, trips and falls are not that serious and they cause bruising at worst. However, an unexpected fall can lead to a more serious injury, including concussions and fractures. Be mindful of where you are stepping and be cautious of your surroundings.

Road Traffic Accidents

While we would like to think that drivers tend to be alert and attentive on a non-Hallowe’en day, accidents can still occur. Hallowe’en is also a night for partying, which may mean more drivers on the road who should not be behind the wheel. Although drunk driving is a danger all year round, it tends to become more dangerous during holiday seasons such as Hallowe’en; with more children and adults being out at night along the streets and roads. Injuries range from mild to serious, or even fatal. This often happens when children and adults cross the street from one location to another without taking the proper precaution of looking both ways.

Now, Hallowe’en should be an enjoyable holiday for you and all of your family. Injuries can happen at any time and in any place. That is why you need to keep your guard up when you do go out and about. Things may be a little different this year, but one usually finds a way to still have fun.

However, even the best preparation cannot account for all potential situations. So, if you or a family member becomes injured we at Lanyon Bowdler can help. But we’d rather you stay safe. Happy ‘trick-or-treating’!