New Mobile Phone Law has Come into Force

If you are reading this whilst driving or sat at the traffic lights, then you are now breaking the law!

A legal loophole that previously allowed drivers taking a photo, scrolling through the playlist or playing a game whilst behind the wheel to escape punishment, has now been closed.

Anyone convicted of using a handheld mobile whilst driving, faces a punishment of 6 points on their licence and a fine of up to £1,000.

The only exception allows people to make contactless payments at drive through restaurants, so long as the vehicle is stationary.

People can still use the phone ‘hands free’ to make Bluetooth calls or as a Sat Nav, if it is properly set up before driving.

The full list of what is and what is not allowed is set out here:

If convicted of this offence, anyone within the first two years of passing their test would face having their licence revoked and having to sit their driving test again.

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