Tougher Speeding Penalties come into Effect

As of midnight today, new, tougher speeding penalties have come into effect.


Previously accepting a Fixed Penalty Notice for speeding would have resulted in three penalty points on your driving licence and a £100 fine.

If however the speed was sufficiently high enough to end up in court, the penalties increased to a maximum fine of £1,000 (£2,500 on the motorway).

This has now changed with the introduction of speeding bands.

Band A – Covers low level speeding which will result in three points and a Fine of up to 50% of weekly income - up to 30mph in a 20mph zone, up to 40mph in a 30mph zone, 55mph in a 40mph zone, 65 in a 50, 80 in a 60 and up to 90mph in a 70mph zone.

Band B – will attract four - six penalty points or a ban of 7 - 28 days together with a Fine of up to 100% of weekly income, and covers more serious speeding - 31mph to 40mph in a 20mph zone, 41mph to 50mph in a 30 zone, 56mph to 65mph in a 40, 66 to 75 in a 50, 81-90 in a 60 or 91mph to 100mph in a 70mph.

Band C – is reserved for the most serious speeding offences. The court will impose six penalty points or a driving ban of between 7 - 56 days together with a Fine up to 150% of weekly income. This covers 41mph+ in a 20mph zone, 51mph+ in a 30mph zone, 66+ in a 40, 76+ in a 50, 91+ in a 60 and finally 100mph+ in a 70mph zone.

The Sentencing Court will also be assisted by a non-exhaustive list of aggravating and mitigating features to take into account when determining the punishment and level of Fine.