Trench Déjà Vu

A few years ago, I released a blog having been contacted by a client who was adamant he was not the person who had allegedly been caught speeding at Trench Lock. Fortunately he had dash cam footage fitted in his vehicle that was able to support his assertion and completely exonerate him of any wrongdoing. Our expert confirmed it was, in fact, the person overtaking him who was at fault of speeding.

Here is the original link to that article together with the dash cam footage.

The incident was also picked up by the Shropshire Star and reported on.

West Mercia Police Camera Ticket Office suggested it was down to human error at the time.

However, in the past 10 days, I have now had four separate unconnected individuals contact me stating they believe they have been issued with ‘rogue' speeding tickets in the same location and they are now seeking my assistance in challenging the allegations before the court.

As locals with knowledge of the area, they always drive cautiously when negotiating the area and consequently believe that something must be wrong with the camera or the range it covers.

Is this something that has happened to you or a family member/friend? Did you just pay up and take the points as the easier option? For a free initial no obligation discussion, please contact me.