Fact Sheet Accidents Abroad - Helpful Hints

Here is a useful checklist of the important things to remember if have been injured or suffered illness while abroad.

  • If you have contracted food poisoning and believe a lack of hygiene to be partly responsible, take photos of the dining area and the hotel in general.
  • If other people in your hotel have also been affected by food poisoning, take their names and contact details as they could be important witnesses.
  • If an injury takes place within a hotel, make sure you tell the hotel manager and tour operator about the incident, and insist on completing an accident form being sure to say if you believe someone else is at fault, and request a copy.
  • If you are involved in a road traffic accident, take photos of each vehicle - including number plates.
  • Make sure you get the names and contact details of any witnesses.
  • Keep hold of the original booking documents and the tour operator’s brochure you used when booking.
  • Keep receipts for everything.
  • Bring any medical records home with you.
  • Try to keep a diary, detailing how you have been affected after the accident together with any useful information such as reporting the accident to the authorities. 
  • Contact the Accidents Abroad Team here at Lanyon Bowdler as soon as you get home.