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Drink Driving Solicitors

Accused of Drink Driving?

The team here at Lanyon Bowdler has highly experienced drink drive solicitors and are experts at defending drink driving legal cases, mounting a strong defence if you have been accused of driving, or attempting to drive, after consuming excess alcohol (DR20).

Seeking expert legal advice from an experienced motoring offence lawyer, who specialises in dealing with drink driving offences is absolutely essential to fully protecting your legal rights. We are able to provide you with the assistance and advice that you need from the moment of your arrest and will make sure that your interests are represented from the word go. 

Our solicitors have the expertise and know-how to get results, offering a range of pricing options, including service level guarantees and fixed fees.

What is Drink Driving?

You are liable to be charged with drink driving if police find you have driven, or even attempted to drive, with more than 35 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of breath, 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood or 107 mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine in your body. If you are suspected of drink driving you will be subject to a breath, blood or urine test to determine whether you are over any of the legal limits.

The most common drink-driving related offences include: 

  • Being in charge of a vehicle whilst over the legal limit
  • Driving or attempting to drive a vehicle whilst over the legal limit
  • Refusing to provide a sample for a breath, blood or urine test
  •  Death through careless driving whilst over the legal limit

When can Police Stop Drivers for Breath Tests?

Quite simply, any time! In the eyes of the law, a police officer can request a breath test from anybody who is driving a vehicle on a road or in a public place if they have a reasonable cause to do so.

Penalties for Drink Driving

If you are found guilty of drinking and driving, punishments can include:

Anywhere between a six month and a 14-year prison sentence depending on the severity of the offence. For example, whether your actions resulted in an accident and the extent of any subsequent injuries sustained by other passengers, road users or pedestrians.

  • A £5,000 fine
  • Disqualification from driving
  • 3 - 11 points on the driving licence for 10 years
  • The requirement to sit another, extended driving test 

These are severe punishments, but an expert drink driving law solicitor can help other, less strict, penalties to be given to the accused and will give you advice on what you can expect to receive based on your individual circumstances.

Additional Consequences for Drink Driving

If you have been convicted of a drink driving offence, there are likely to be further consequences that could affect your day-to-day life and livelihood. These include:

  • Having to declare your conviction to current and future employers
  • An increase in the cost of car insurance
  • Difficulties travelling abroad due to having a criminal record

Due to the serious repercussions that you may face if convicted of drink driving, it is imperative that you seek legal advice as soon as possible from a trusted firm of solicitors.

How we can help

At Lanyon Bowdler, we understand how stressful it is to be facing charges for drink driving, especially if losing your licence will mean a loss of livelihood and independence. We are here to fight your corner and have a proven track record of successfully defending a variety of motoring offences.

We will provide you with all the necessary guidance and support and have the expertise to represent you in court, should your case be taken to that stage. We have helped hundreds of clients avoid disqualification and many of our cases have been dropped by the prosecution without ever coming to trial.

By instructing Lanyon Bowdler, you can be assured that you have a team of highly skilled legal professionals working on your behalf and we will put you at your ease with our welcoming and friendly approach. As a client of Lanyon Bowdler, you can expect exceptional representation at all stages as we work towards delivering the best possible outcome for you.

Our Charges

The SRA requires us to give indicative prices for limited types of work, this includes motoring offences. For more information please click here.

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You can also contact the head of our motoring offence team; specialist driving offence lawyer Stephen Scully directly by text or voice on 07776 184489, or email him stephen.scully@lblaw.co.uk.


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