Lanyon Bowdler Meet The Team

There are lots of us working together to keep Lanyon Bowdler at the very top of the game. Below are many of the key individuals within the firm, all playing their part in ensuring the things that matter to you work.

  • Location
  • Shrewsbury Office
  • Bromyard Office
  • Hereford Office
  • Ludlow Office
  • Oswestry Office
  • Telford Office
  • Position
  • Partner
  • Solicitor
  • Associate Legal Executive
  • Chartered Legal Executive
  • Associate Solicitor
  • Conveyancer
  • Education Consultant
  • Debt Recovery Administrator
  • Trainee Solicitor
  • Associate Solicitor Advocate
  • Legal Assistant
  • Junior Legal Assistant - Clinical/Medical Negligence Team
  • Conveyancing Support
  • Legal Support Assistant
  • Trusts Manager
  • Medical Legal Assistant
  • Legal Support Assistant
  • Head of Estate Development
  • Legal Executive/Senior Conveyancer
  • Police Station Accredited Representative
  • Management
  • Residential Conveyancer
  • Consultant
  • Head of Agriculture - Hereford
  • Head of Finance
  • Managing Partner
Loretta Aston Loretta Aston Partner
Kimberley Roberts Kimberley Roberts Solicitor
Andrew Pegg Andrew Pegg Partner
Edward Rees Edward Rees Partner
Katherine Marriott-Lodge Katherine Marriott-Lodge Associate Solicitor
William Morse William Morse Partner
Emma Alsop Emma Alsop Conveyancer
Rebecca Palmer Rebecca Palmer Solicitor
Emma Swann Emma Swann Education Consultant
Charles Almond Charles Almond Partner
Giles Scott Giles Scott Partner
Tristan Lewis Tristan Lewis Associate Solicitor
Lauren Weale Lauren Weale Debt Recovery Administrator
Kelly Pledger Kelly Pledger Trainee Solicitor
Stephen Scully Stephen Scully Associate Solicitor Advocate
John Merry John Merry Partner
Myfanwy Murray Myfanwy Murray Trainee Solicitor
Nicola Bates Nicola Bates Solicitor
Lisa Jones Lisa Jones Associate Solicitor
James Jones James Jones Solicitor
Phillip Roberts Phillip Roberts Solicitor
Rowena Woodhead Rowena Woodhead Associate Solicitor
Amy Bills Amy Bills Trainee Solicitor
Gemma Williams Gemma Williams Trainee Solicitor
David Pugh David Pugh Associate Solicitor
Nicola Simmons Nicola Simmons Conveyancing Support
Catherine Field Catherine Field Trainee Solicitor
Allison Birtles Allison Birtles Partner
Lucy Speed Lucy Speed Associate Solicitor
Timothy Roberts Timothy Roberts Solicitor
Dave Blayney Dave Blayney Trusts Manager
Adrian Roberts Adrian Roberts Partner
Sarah Price Sarah Price Solicitor
Neil Lorimer Neil Lorimer Partner
David Brammer David Brammer Partner
Lucy Small Lucy Small Partner
Eleanor Piddock Eleanor Piddock Solicitor
Jane Miles Jane Miles Associate Solicitor
Sarah Whittall Sarah Whittall Associate Solicitor
Emma Wilde Emma Wilde Partner
Malgorzata (Gosia) Bronisz-Handley Malgorzata (Gosia) Bronisz-Handley Solicitor
Natasha Gibbons Natasha Gibbons Solicitor
Tim Treherne Tim Treherne Partner
Alan Gittins Alan Gittins Partner
Ian Glenister Ian Glenister Partner
Colin Spanner Colin Spanner Partner
Lisa Grimmett Lisa Grimmett Associate Solicitor
Beth Harrison Beth Harrison Associate Solicitor
Tania McGee Tania McGee Associate Solicitor
Elizabeth Hawley Elizabeth Hawley Solicitor
Sue Haylock Sue Haylock Solicitor
Cindy Wright Cindy Wright Head of Estate Development
Kelly Stant Kelly Stant Solicitor
Sue Hodgson Sue Hodgson Partner
Emma Broomfield Emma Broomfield Associate Solicitor
Louise Howard Louise Howard Associate Solicitor
Jessica Grosvenor Jessica Grosvenor Police Station Accredited Representative
Susan Grazier Susan Grazier Solicitor
Mathew Hughes Mathew Hughes Trainee Solicitor
Dawn Humphries Dawn Humphries Partner
Clare Stephens Clare Stephens Solicitor
Debbie Humphries Debbie Humphries Associate Solicitor
Nichola Wilson Nichola Wilson Associate Solicitor
Tahsin Khan Tahsin Khan Trainee Solicitor
Edward Nutting Edward Nutting Partner
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones Management
Anna Burgess Anna Burgess Associate Solicitor
Meinir Jones Meinir Jones Solicitor
Abigail Huband Abigail Huband Residential Conveyancer
Kay Kelly Kay Kelly Partner
Edward Burrell Edward Burrell Solicitor
Jemma Land Jemma Land Solicitor
Nicola Large Nicola Large Management
Claire Vale Claire Vale Associate Solicitor
Lynsey Cater Lynsey Cater Associate Solicitor
Roger Taylor Roger Taylor Consultant
Sally Lawrence Smith Sally Lawrence Smith Solicitor
Rowland Waddington Rowland Waddington Management
Praveen Chaudhari Praveen Chaudhari Partner
Robin Thain Robin Thain Management
Kate Lawson Kate Lawson Associate Solicitor
Gráinne Walters Gráinne Walters Partner
Caroline Yorke Caroline Yorke Associate Solicitor
Kevin Thomas Kevin Thomas Partner
Jon Clifford Jon Clifford Head of Agriculture - Hereford
Neil Davies Neil Davies Associate Solicitor
Holly Edwards Holly Edwards Solicitor
Paul Ellis Paul Ellis Head of Finance
Andrew Evans Andrew Evans Partner
Brian Evans Brian Evans Managing Partner
Jennifer Monaghan Jennifer Monaghan Solicitor
Milly Flavell Milly Flavell Conveyancing Support
David Foden David Foden Partner
Jennifer Gibson Jennifer Gibson Associate Solicitor