Coronavirus and Pregnancy

This week pregnant women have been added to those in the high risk category for coronavirus. The latest advice is that pregnant women minimise social contact for up to 12 weeks from this weekend.

I, at 32 weeks pregnant, fall into this category and I am now working from home. I understand completely therefore that this is an anxious and uncertain time for everyone.

However the advice is not to panic. Given that this is a new virus there is limited information about the effects on mother and baby. The little evidence the government does have suggests there are no coronavirus-related complications in pregnancy.

It goes however without saying that no infection or virus in pregnancy is welcomed. Therefore the government is taking very precautionary measures in relation to pregnant women to be on the safe side.

I would urge pregnant women therefore to be sensible at this time and to follow the advice we are being given about minimising social contact. However, I cannot emphasise the important of continuing to attend antenatal appointments as normal. This is essential to ensure the wellbeing of pregnant women and their babies.

I wish you all the best with your pregnancies. Stay safe and good luck putting up with your husbands and partners for this period of confinement!