COVID-19 Pandemic & Loneliness

Whilst the global coronavirus pandemic has brought a host of new experiences such as working from home and online socialising, it has also brought its challenges and increased loneliness of many people.

We all feel lonely sometimes but the pandemic has intensified these feelings of loneliness amongst many of us especially during the weeks of lockdown and social distancing. From not being able to hug our family and friends to having to isolate for weeks on end; these are only some of the struggles that we have all had (and continue) to face during the pandemic.  

So, how could Omega help to battle the loneliness that this time is bringing?

Omega is a small but passionate end of life charity based in Shrewsbury and works across the UK, with a strong presence in the West Midlands. They work hard to raise standards in end of life care by supporting caregivers over the age of 75 looking after someone with a terminal illness, people who are themselves end of life, and those who have been bereaved.

In 2012, Omega launched their befriending service, Chatterbox Action Against Loneliness. This programme is a free, confidential, short-term telephone befriending programme. It is designed to support those who are lonely and isolated due to their caring role, bereavement, age, or life-limiting and end of life challenges.

People are carefully matched with a dedicated volunteer Befriender who will make a weekly phone call throughout the programme to talk about the things that matter to you. Chatterbox offers additional emotional support and help with finding services, information and social groups etc.

Omega’s other services also include their ‘A Letter from Louise’ pen pal service. This is a free pen pal correspondence service that matches volunteer pen pal writers with clients, of any age, for regular friendly conversations and sharing of stories. Clients are carefully matched with someone of similar interest who they can write to and will also receive a hand-written, thoughtful letter. If clients don’t feel they can write back, they can send newspaper or magazine articles that interest them, photographs, or simply receive these special letters with no obligation to reply.

For more information on the Chatterbox programme, please contact the Chatterbox team on 01743 245 088 or email them at

Alternatively, for more information on the Pen Pal Service, please contact Carol Moody on 01743 245 088 or email her at