Driver Wrongly Penalised for Speeding in Telford

I was recently asked to represent X. He had received through the post a NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) alleging he had been speeding on the A442 Trench Lock Interchange junction.

As is not uncommon, he was offered a fixed penalty fine and three penalty points on his licence if he accepted the misdemeanour, and consequently he paid up.

However, X, an experienced driver with over 20 years no claims bonus felt that something was not quite right. He contacted me for advice.

Fortunately, X had dashcam footage of the incident.

I spoke to an expert who generated a brief report confirming what we all suspected – X was innocent and that the vehicle seen overtaking him at speed was the person who should have received the NIP.

Upon receipt of this evidence, together with a letter from me, the police withdrew the case against X who was obviously delighted.

X has given me permission to share his story and the dashcam footage, as it is possible other people may have incorrectly been prosecuted for ‘speeding’ at the same junction in Telford and simply paid up as the easier option, when in fact they were innocent.

It also raises possible questions regarding the calibration of that particular camera and other speed cameras in the West Mercia catchment area.

If anybody would like any advice regarding this particular issue or indeed any other motoring law matters, then please get in touch with me, on 07776 184489