Drug Driving Convictions under Review Because of Faulty Lab Tests

It has recently come to light that, because of faulty lab tests, hundreds of drug driving convictions may now need to be reviewed.

In December 2020, Synlab Laboratory Services Limited discovered that there were issues with the way in which it analysed drug driving samples.

As a result, over 800 tests have now been deemed unreliable. For some this will mean the investigation against them will not continue.

However, for hundreds more, they may have already been convicted by the courts based upon this unreliable evidence.

The consequences of such a conviction will have resulted in a mandatory disqualification of at least 12 months.

Fallout from the driving disqualification, may have led to people losing their employment, accommodation and, maybe even relationships.

For many, they may not have been legally represented in court and they will now need assistance in lodging appeals to the crown court out of time to overturn unsafe convictions.

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