Fronting & Mobile Phone Offences

Every now and then, I like to update people with Motoring Law matters that crop up. This month, I cover two topics people may not believe are illegal, ‘fronting’ and handheld mobile phone offences.

Did you know that using your mobile phone as a sat nav would fall foul of the law and result in six penalty points on your licence as well as a financial penalty if it is not fixed to the windscreen, or if you were navigating whilst holding it in your hand? Unfortunately, ignorance is no defence.

Likewise paying with your smartphone for a coffee or burger next time you are at a drive through restaurant would also fall foul of the same law. Although you would have to be pretty unlucky to be caught, it could still be a very expensive latte or meal deal, again attracting six points and a fine.

I have recently advised a client about ‘fronting‘. ‘Fronting’ is a type of fraud many people will be unaware they are participating in. It happens when a more experienced driver, such as a parent or partner, takes out a policy of motor insurance in their name stating that they are the main driver, when in fact the inexperienced driver does most, if not all, of the driving in the vehicle.

It is often quite difficult for insurance companies to prove, but, if the named driver was involved in a collision and an investigation was launched, it could lead to the insurance being made void. Worst case scenario could be a prosecution for Fraud and having to pay out all of the costs and damages.

However, other insurers may be content to just cancel the cover or request that the correct premium be paid which would correctly reflect the greater risk of the more inexperienced driver making a claim. In the case of ‘fronting’ a high powered vehicle, this could lead to a significant financial outlay.

Furthermore, when applying for a new motor insurance policy, the driver would then have to disclose their policy had been cancelled or refused for ‘fronting’ which would then inevitably lead to paying even greater premiums in the future.

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