Idsall School Mock Trial

On 10 April 2019 staff from Lanyon Bowdler attended Idsall School, where year 12 students had transformed part of their school into a courtroom and were conducting their own legal drama before a retired judge.

The pupils were tasked with running a criminal trial, taking on the roles of barristers and witnesses for both the prosecution and defence. The defendant was being prosecuted for racially aggravated assault. The situation was made more complicated with inconsistent witness statements, several possible timelines and hidden information through which the students needed to navigate in order to develop the strongest case for their side.

This followed several workshops in which the students were given advice and guidance by staff from Lanyon Bowdler before staging a dress rehearsal, which was judged by Lanyon Bowdler partner, Edward Rees.

Between workshops the students developed persuasive arguments and theories, which carried through to the culmination of the live trial. In order to make the experience as real as possible retired Judge Chapman presided over the courtroom with year 10 students forming a jury. Relatives, friends and staff from Lanyon Bowdler watched the trial from the public gallery.

The event was a huge success with all the students performing extremely well. Retired Judge Chapman congratulated them for participating so enthusiastically.

And for those wondering, after the verdict was delivered, one final piece of information was revealed, which revealed whether the right person was brought to justice!

Stand out from the crowd

Lanyon Bowdler recognises that a legal career is challenging to pursue and, with increased competition for positions, it is becoming increasingly more difficult. Extra curricular activities, such as mock trials and mooting competitions, are an excellent way to develop legal skills and experience. They allow for an early understanding of the subject, which helps students develop a passion for law, which is important for making you stand out from the crowd.

Lanyon Bowdler regularly runs mock trials for local schools. Please contact Lucy Speed or Holly Edwards at Lanyon Bowdler if you are would like to find out more. If you are interested in legal work experience, applications for 2020 are being accepted until 15 January 2020. Please email with your CV and cover letter.