Leaked Report on the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust Maternity Scandal

I am a clinical negligence solicitor in our Shrewsbury branch, acting on behalf of families affected by failures at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. The report is sadly not surprising, but makes for horrific reading.

We have been working on behalf of a significant number of families, who have suffered bereavement and life-changing brain injuries as a result of failings at these hospitals, and we are therefore acutely aware of how this scandal has affected them, and continues to do so.

The contents of the leaked report sadly do not come as a surprise, given that we have seen repeated failings over a substantial number of years, with little apparent learning from previous mistakes.

We have seen action plans within investigation reports that year after year have been very similar, with no real change or improvement.

It has been clear that major failings took place which led to the deaths and severe brain injuries of babies, which could have been avoided, and it now looks like the failings go back even further than anyone feared.

This report will inevitably cause more worry for our local community, and in particular expectant mothers, and we will continue working on behalf of local families whose lives have been shattered due to clinical errors at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

One of our clients, Sharon Morris, said: “I am not shocked at these findings. Every day for the last 14 years we are constantly reminded of the failure by SATH to help me give birth to healthy twins.

“I was prepared for a caesarean after baby number one, but during that time they failed to notice my baby number two was in distress because they were monitoring the wrong heartbeat. My daughter was starved of oxygen during this time and is now severely disabled needing 24-hour care, can't eat, can't speak, struggles to walk and has learning and behavioural issues.

“This was not something we signed up for and I would not wish it upon anyone. No amount of money can change things and all we can now hope for is that changes are made to ensure other families don't suffer like we do. How can we trust the NHS?”