London Landmarks Half Marathon

I was delighted and privileged to be able to take part in the inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday 25 March 2018, fundraising in aid of Horatio’s Gardens as a supporting event following on from our enormously successful Spinal Injuries conference, held at the Midlands Spinal Injuries Unit at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in Oswestry.


As an enthusiastic runner it was well within my abilities, with the right amount of training in place, to do the distance and comfortably enjoy the day. However, fate conspired against me, with bouts of more snow than I have ever known, a sprained back and glass in my foot, all of which scuppered my training plans somewhat and left me rather less prepared than any sane person would wish.

So a little worried, and very well bandaged up, I proudly put on my Horatios’ vest. (I was also very relieved that the streets of the Metropolis were not still thick with snow.) As I limped down from Buckingham Palace and down the Mall, I was very apprehensive and a wee bit nervous, but was soon engulfed into the swathes of excited runners. Over 10,000 of us lined up at the start, and I have to say the organisation and support from the crowd were phenomenal.

The whole of central London was closed to traffic for the race. The streets were literally lined with so many many supporters, bands, charities and event organisers dressed in bowler hats, as suffragettes, gladiators, Victorians all highlighting the history of the London, together with a random man riding a pink unicorn, (who finished well ahead of me!). It was just incredible to be running in such a terrifically joyous enthusiastic atmosphere.

Despite wondering if I could actually complete the course, I passed Trafalgar, St Pauls, the Royal Courts of Justice (as a lawyer I had to take a selfie here), the Tower of London, then back up The Embankment, before cornering with a sprint finish to Downing Street, all with tremulous applause who needs to do a full marathon?!!


Finish it I did, I was inspired by the challenges some of my spinal injured clients face on a daily basis with such strength and fortitude!! Not my fastest run but certainly the most rewarding and memorable event I have ever done.

I am really delighted that so many people sponsored me, thank you all so much, those funds will go to such a worthy cause.

It was a fantastic experience and I am truly honoured to have done it in Hortatio’s memory, here is one final photo of me proudly showing off my medal.