National Apprenticeship Week

This week (3 – 9 February) marks National Apprenticeship Week – the celebration of apprenticeships and the positive influence they can have on employers and, of course, the apprentice!

In 2019, Lanyon Bowdler took on two apprentices in two very different departments. Cameron Murphy joined our maintenance team as an apprentice maintenance engineer, while Izzy Hewins joined our HR department.

Below, Izzy and Cameron give us an insight into their apprenticeship experience.

Cameron’s experience

I have been an apprentice at Lanyon Bowdler for around nine months and have really enjoyed my time here so far. All of the staff are very welcoming and friendly, whilst always being professional.

When I joined Lanyon Bowdler as an apprentice, I was unsure what being an apprentice actually meant. However, now I have been one for some time, I have a clear understanding why the apprenticeship scheme is so valuable.

My time here has taught me some valuable life lessons, as well as skills to push me forward in my role. Every day brings new challenges, which is very important as it encourages me to achieve my goals and the company can get the very best out of me. I have learnt valuable skills that I can use in and out of the workplace. The variety of work is helpful because I rarely do the same thing every day; this widens my skill set and means that I am never bored of doing the job.

As an apprentice maintenance engineer, I get to work at each of Lanyon Bowdler’s offices, which enables me to socialise with other staff members, although currently I spend all of my time in Hereford due to a massive project. Whilst working on this project I have done most jobs working alongside my colleagues, who have been a huge help to me and taught me how to do everything efficiently and competently, whilst enabling me to widen my range of abilities when I watch them perform a task.

Before I joined Lanyon Bowdler, I had no idea what I wanted to achieve. However, after working here for some time, I realise that I would like to not only complete my apprenticeship but also stay on with the company after my two year apprenticeship and be a fully competent maintenance operative.

Izzy’s experience

I would always recommend apprenticeships and here at Lanyon Bowdler support is given throughout the whole process.

This apprenticeship has not only taught me HR skills, but also life skills. It has taught about me the day-to-day running of the different offices and also how to deal with every situation professionally and efficiently.

There is a great deal of variety within HR, which enables me to learn something new every day, meaning my abilities are constantly being developed and enhanced. Although not every situation I come across is easy and they are quite frequently challenging, it allows me to work and develop from the challenges, which will, in time, help and guide me.

Apprenticeships in general, and especially at Lanyon Bowdler, are a great way to improve you as a person and evolve your skill set. Much recommended!

Why does Lanyon Bowdler value apprenticeships?

As an expanding and progressive law firm, we value the range of apprenticeships and the opportunities they give us to grow our own talent and further develop our workforce. Both Cameron and Izzy are becoming real assets to Lanyon Bowdler and have already made positive and valuable contributions to their respective teams and the firm as a whole in their short time with us. We are looking forwards to supporting, developing and working with them both as their apprenticeships and careers progress.