National Bereaved Parents Day – 03 July 2021

This blog is written by Chloe Forrester in our clinical negligence department.

Losing a child is an unimaginable loss and something no parent should have to go through. Sadly, in the UK 14 babies are stillborn or die within four weeks of birth (1) and in 2018 there were 2,488 infant deaths (aged under one year) (2)

Saturday 03 July 2021 is National Bereaved Parents Day, hosted by charity A Child of Mine based in Stafford, UK. The focus of this day is to raise awareness of any and all parents, who have sadly lost a child of any age under any circumstance. Throughout the year A Child of Mine hosts various fundraising events to raise money to continue to offer families within the UK the support they need. They run pop-up café events which welcome anyone affected by the death of a child, miscarriage support groups and playgroups for bereaved parents and their children born before or after loss.

It is important to find support during this incredibly difficult time. There are numerous charities, helplines and support groups to help any parent with grief and other children within your family, who may need some support following the loss of a sibling.

Occasionally, the grief of a parent or guardian can be exacerbated by concerns that their pregnancy, birth or subsequent medical care was not managed appropriately. If you would like to investigate the care you or your child received, please feel free to contact a member of our clinical negligence team.

Other support available:

SANDS, still birth and neonatal death charity;

Young Minds, a charity to help support young people with grief and loss;

When a child dies. A guide for parents and carers (NHS England); and