The DVLA and Fitness to Drive

The DVLA can revoke a person’s driving licence for medical reasons, so it’s important to keep them updated on any illnesses that can affect your ability to drive. A full list of medical conditions that may impact your driving can be found here.

I have had a number of recent enquiries from people who have had their licences revoked by the DVLA. The licences have previously been granted to them for a fixed period, suggesting a possible change of policy at the DVLA into how these decisions are reached.

The question I am being asked is how you can challenge the DVLA’s decision if you feel they have got it wrong?

When revoking the licence, the DVLA will explain why it has made the decision, if and when you can reapply and, most importantly, how you can appeal.

The DVLA appeal should include information such as medical evidence and any other supporting documentation stating the reason why you believe the DVLA to be incorrect.

If the DVLA uphold their revocation decision, you can then appeal against this to a local Magistrates’ Court within six months.

For any help or assistance regarding such matters please contact 01743 280280.