The Ghost of Christmas Future

As unpleasant as it is, regardless of your age or state of health, try to imagine this is the last Christmas you spend with your family.


We all learned years ago that our Christmas presents don't magically appear under the tree. This year you can make sure when the year finally comes that your family and friends face their first Christmas without you, you have left all that you can behind for them without saying "Merry Christmas" to HM Revenue and Customs any louder than necessary, and all your assets and finances are addressed correctly to whom you want to enjoy them.

Wrapped but no labels

You can also take the time to say any final words of comfort or encouragement you want, written for your loved ones. You don't always get the chance to say those words out loud.

Imagine everything you have is wrapped up under the Christmas tree and nothing has a label on it, does one person get everything while the rest of the family looks on, relying on the charitable nature of your closest relation? Or is there a free for all?

Settle the debate

Why not take the time to become The Ghost of Christmas Future and have one last say after you're gone? Settle the debate on who gets the clock in the dining room or the watch your dad gave you when you turned 18. Losing someone at any time of the year is hard on those left behind. And it doesn't always bring out the best in people. Making your last Christmas wishes clear can bring your loved ones closure, and give you a chance to look out for them after you're gone.

Get your turkeys in a row

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas, but for those of you who've lost someone, or will lose someone, we would like to offer our help in removing as much bitterness and conflict from the process as we can. You may not think this applies to you or your loved ones, but grief doesn't always bring out the best side of us, and that's understandable. Sometimes we need our wishes written down before grief raises its head.

It’s hard to be reminded of uncomfortable subjects at what should be a happy time but putting your affairs in order, your turkeys in a row so to speak, for the New Year and any year to come is always a good idea.

We wish you Merry Christmas and a good Will for you all. Pun intended