Virus Isolation Period Extended from 7 to 10 Days But Shielding to End in England

The UK chief medical officer has announced that those with officially recognised symptoms of coronavirus, or who have otherwise tested positive for the virus, should now self-isolate for 10 days.

The updated NHS advice regarding self-isolation is here. This includes advice as to when isolation should be extended beyond the 10-day period from when symptoms first appeared.

It is recommended that those experiencing symptoms should be tested within 5 days. Of course, if a test is negative the person need no longer self-isolate. As a reminder, where this results in an employee missing fewer than 4 days of work, they will not be entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP). For further details of the special rules relating to SSP in the context of coronavirus, click here.

With effect from 1 August, the public health advice in England that those who are clinically extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus should shield will end, but advice in relation to shielding in Wales will remain in place at least until 16 August.