When the Police just 'Want a Chat'

Over the past year or so, there has been a growing trend for the police to offer people the opportunity to voluntarily attend at a police station for “a chat”.

This occurs when the volunteer attends to assist the police with an investigation. Importantly, they are NOT under arrest, but still have the same rights and entitlements.

This includes the right to FREE and independent legal advice. Volunteers can also leave the police station at any time unless the police have sufficient evidence to justify a full arrest.

Advantage of legal representation

A police officer must inform the volunteer that they are under arrest and the grounds for doing so if a decision is made to prevent them from leaving the police station.

Many criminal cases are ultimately decided by what was, or was not said, during the police interview.

The advantage of having expert legal representation at this early stage allows us to tell you all about the allegation in private before the interview starts.

100% FREE

Some people may be put off being legally represented by the potential costs, but it is 100% FREE, no catches, so why not take advantage of this!

Others may be persuaded by the police, to their detriment, not to wait for a legal representative to attend. Often we can rearrange the interview with the police to a mutually convenient time and location.

Here at Lanyon Bowdler, we have a vastly experienced team available to represent you 24 hours a day seven days a week.

If the police call you then contact Stephen Scully, Jessica Grosvenor or one of the Criminal team on 0800 652 3371.