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Reflecting on Mediation

Family Mediation Week takes place from 22 – 26 January this year. It provides a helpful opportunity for both individuals and family practitioners to re...

Monitoring Employees’ Private Communications

The European Court of Human Rights ruled yesterday that it is possible for employers to justify reading workers’ private online messages.

Resurgence of Corporate Reorganisations

The New Year rush shows no signs of abating, with another busy week having just passed. This week I have been working with clients on a number of interesting...

Law Firm advice for Work Experience Students

As you’re most likely aware, one of the most important things for a legal career is experience. As such, many law students and aspiring solicitors will...

Proposals for Births to End at Bridgnorth Community Hospital

It has recently been reported that our local community hospital in Bridgnorth is to lose its status as a birth centre (Bridgnorth Journal 7 December 2017).

Registering your Property Rights

According to Land Registry statistics, approximately 25% of property in England and Wales remains unregistered. All land has an owner; it being unregistered...

Occupational Stress at Work - A Star Wars Story

When The Force Awakens was due to come out, I posted a blog about whether Han Solo could bring a successful personal injury case following the events of Star...

Consenting to Gender

It has recently been in the press about the alleged sub-standard treatment of intersex patients and their families, particularly with regard to whether famil...

The Ghost of Christmas Future

As unpleasant as it is, regardless of your age or state of health, try to imagine this is the last Christmas you spend with your family.

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Don't Drink and Drive or Drug Drive This Christmas

It’s that time of year with the office Christmas party on the horizon that the Police begin their drink drive, and this year drug drive, awareness camp...

Health Minister Calls for Improvements in Obstetric Care in the UK

Here at Lanyon Bowdler, the clinical negligence team are passionate about our work and are committed to obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients....

Cohabitation Awareness Week

Question - Common law husband/wife?

Question - Jointly own your home?


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08 May 2016

A Mother Talks About the Challenges Faced Due to Cerebral Palsy Following a Birth Injury

Her daughter from Shropshire was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy following a birth injury, Lanyon Bowdler are working w...

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