Claim for Extraction of Wrong Tooth

C received £5,500.00 for the failed extraction of a tooth, UR7, and accidental extraction of UR8. The roots of the UR7 were lying beneath the roots of UR6 and the tooth was blocked by horizontally erupting UR8. When the dentist attempted to extract UR7, the tooth UR8 was accidentally extracted as well. C claimed for a six month period of prolonged pain and suffering.

Clinical Negligence: On 8 March 2006 C attended the Whitecross Dental Centre, Telford, complaining of pain in the upper 7 teeth. C was seen, examined and following an X-ray was advised that two teeth required extraction and were not capable of being saved by root filling or any other dental treatment. One of the teeth involved was UR7 and C’s claim related to the attempted extraction of this tooth.

On 11 April 2006 C returned to the Whitecross Dental Centre for the extraction of tooth UR7. Three cartridges of anaesthetic were administered to C. The first dentist initially attempted the extraction and the second dentist was asked to assist. The dental records indicate that the second dentist tried to extract the tooth by separating the roots.

C complained that the anaesthetic was starting to wear off but no more anaesthetic could be administered. The dental records indicated that the roots of the UR7 were laying beneath the roots of UR6 and the tooth was blocked by horizontally erupting UR8. The records confirm that when attempting to elevate the roots of UR7, UR8 was accidentally extracted as well. C was advised of this immediately and attempts to remove UR7 were then abandoned. C was prescribed Amoxycillin and was referred to the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department at the Newcross Hospital in Wolverhampton. C claimed for a period of six months prolonged pain and suffering and on 24 October 2006 C underwent an extraction of UR7 under general anaesthetic at the Newcross Hospital.

Injuries: The claimant suffered from having an extra tooth extracted.

Effects: The claimant suffered a prolonged period of six months pain and suffering.

Damages were settled after a second Part 36 Offer by the defendants was accepted.

Total Damages: £5,500.00
Type of Award: Out of Court settlement
Settlement Date: 2 April 2009
Age at injury: 28 years
Sex: Female

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