Injuries Sustained to Non Dominant Ring Finger

Lanyon Bowdler was instructed to act by the claimant who was involved in an accident at work. The claimant worked for a firm of solicitors and sustained injuries to her non dominant ring finger when using a ladder to access deeds. She was attempting to collapse the ladder and having pushed the centre up, the legs at the back of the ladder proceeded to swing back towards her trapping her finger between the two legs. As a result of the accident the claimant sustained a chipped bone and tendon damage to her finger which has required surgical intervention. In addition, she has experienced trigger thumb which has also required surgery and has been exacerbated as a result of the accident. The claimant remains with on-going symptoms of pain and functional issues. The claim was originally started in the portal process but we identified, in view of functional issues, that the value would exceed the upper limit and we made an application to the court to convert Part 8 proceedings to ensure the claimant is appropriately compensated