Motorcyclist in Road Traffic Accident Seeks Help with Claim

The claimant, who was a motorcyclist at the time of the accident, was involved in a road traffic accident in September 2018. The claimant was travelling along a major road when the defendant failed to stop at a give way sign and proceeded to drive into the side of the claimant knocking him off his motorcycle. The claimant sustained multiple injuries including a broken left ankle and toe; a compound fracture to his left femur; a broken left knee; a shattered pelvis; a dislocated left shoulder; torn ligaments of the left hip and a broken right collar bone. The claimant was unable to weight-bear and early dialogue with the defendant’s insurers enabled us to put in place a Case Manager to assist the claimant in arranging his discharge from hospital and ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. Arrangements were made for immediate physiotherapy and psychological treatment for both the claimant and his wife. Domestic assistance was organised and funded and a taxi account arranged to enable the claimant to be more independent. Arrangements for a driving assessment and a general interim payment to enable the claimant to purchase a new car have been made. Regular interim payments have also been released to cover lost earnings. The matter continues.