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Lanyon Bowdler Client Satisfaction & Complaints

Providing the best service for YOU

What represents "best" service?

Answer: Not one thing. All our clients have different expectations and different requirements.

As a firm we are 100% committed to providing our clients with a fantastic service and Total Customer Care (TCC).

As a modern and progressive services firm we stepped back and looked at the component parts of our offering and asked: How can we make our service delivery better? What do our clients want?

We realised all our clients want different things, and it was a full time job to ensure that our client service was the best it could be.

Lanyon Bowdler actually employs a full time Compliance Manager, who works with our partners and lawyers to ensure that YOU receive the total service you deserve.

Lanyon Bowdler has implemented a philosophy that we call Total Customer Care.

  • We value all clients.
  • We listen to all clients and their specific needs.
  • We give clear upfront advice.
  • We believe in "no surprises", clients will not incur any surprise bills from Lanyon Bowdler.
  • We believe in prompt delivery - if we set a deadline we'll meet it.
  • We answer calls promptly.
  • We speak in plain English, so that you understand our advice.

After every "piece of work" Lanyon Bowdler provides for our clients, we send out a Client Satisfaction Questionnaire. We ask our clients what they felt our service was like. The statistics speak for themselves, click here to view our latest graphs.

Complaints Policy

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with the service you receive from us, we encourage you to contact us in the first instance and the procedure for so doing is set out in our Client Complaints Policy.