Agricultural Minimum Wage 2022

The Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales advises Welsh Ministers on the Agricultural Minimum Wage arrangements for agricultural, horticultural and forestry workers in Wales, and the Senedd usually passes a new Order each year setting new pay rates.

However, no Agricultural Wages Order was made in 2021, so the current pay rates have been in effect since April 2020 – but, where applicable, subject to increases in accordance with the National Minimum Wage rates effective from April 2021.

The Panel has proposed changes to the current Agricultural Minimum Wage arrangements to apply from April 2022.

The proposals have still yet to be approved, but are as follows:

1. Rates of Pay

Hand in hand with the proposed new pay rates is a new grading structure, which the Panel considers will make it easier to define an agricultural worker’s appropriate grade.

The proposed new grades are explained here, at point 1, whilst the equivalent qualifications referred to in the grade descriptions are set out at point 2.

The proposed new pay rates are as follows:

Grade                                                                                                  Rate per hour

A1 – Agricultural Development Worker (16-17 years)                         £4.81

A2 – Agricultural Development Worker (18-20 years)                         £6.83

A3 – Agricultural Development Worker (21-22 years)                         £9.18

A4 – Agricultural Development Worker (23 years+)                            £9.50

B1 – Agricultural Worker (16-17 years)                                               £4.81

B2 – Agricultural Worker (18-20 years)                                               £6.83

B3 – Agricultural Worker (21-22 years)                                               £9.18

B4 – Agricultural Worker (23 years+)                                                  £9.79

C – Agricultural Advanced Worker                                                      £10.08

D – Senior Agricultural Worker                                                            £11.06

E – Agricultural Manager                                                                     £12.13

Apprentice Year 1                                                                                £4.81

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 16- 17)                                                         £4.81

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 18- 20)                                                         £6.83

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 21- 22)                                                         £9.18

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 23+)                                                             £9.50

Other Allowances:

Dog Allowance                                 £8.17          Per Dog Per Week

Night Time Work Allowance             £1.55          Per Hour of Night Work

Birth Adoption Allowance                 £64.29        For Each Child

2. Other Proposed Changes

The current Agricultural Wages Order makes provision for rest breaks of not less than 30 minutes on any day that a worker aged 18 or older works more than 5½ hours (subject to exceptions).

The Panel considers it appropriate in the interests of clarity that provisions should be included relating to daily rest for workers under 18 and in relation to daily rest and weekly rest which replicate the provisions of the Working Time Regulations 1998 – although these are not new rights, as absent any equal or better entitlements of workers under an Agricultural Wages Order, the provisions of the Working Time Regulations must be applied.

For further information and advice in relation to employment law specific to the agricultural sector in Wales, please contact me or another member of the employment team.

For details of increases in the National Minimum Wage and increases to other statutory payments and limits, also to come into effect this April, please see our blog here.