Claim for Farming Accident

Mr E was injured in accident at work. He was employed as a farm labourer living in a farmhouse on site and overseeing the day to day running of that farm. He was injured when bales of straw fell upon him from a stack of hay bales, pinning him against a large steel girder under the bales.

He suffered with a fracture to his femur in two places, initially undergoing an operation to pin the fracture shortly after the accident. He later required a further operation to remove the pins. He further suffered fractured ribs and a psychiatric injury. Mr E’s recovery was prolonged due to a pre-existing condition affecting his knees. He suffered with some restrictions in mobility in terms of his recovery, but the additional weight bearing on the non-injured leg accelerated the pre-existing condition in that knee, bringing forward a knee operation. The case required careful consideration with the medical experts of the impact of the injury on the pre-existing condition.

The Claimant also lost his home, as a property tied to his employment, as a result of the accident.

Whilst already past the normal age of retirement at the date of the accident, the Claimant had intended to continue working for as long as his health allowed. The accident cut this short which was a great loss to the Claimant having spent his entire life farming. Louise Howard was able to settle this matter for a sum that allowed the Claimant to pursue therapies to return him, as far as possible, to the position he was in prior to the accident and provide security in terms of accommodation for the future.

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