Case Study

Damages Recovered for Loss of Dependency

Published on 26 Feb 2024

In October 2020 Lanyon Bowdler recovered damages for loss of dependency following the death by suicide of the claimant’s husband who died whilst a voluntary inpatient at the hospital psychiatric unit. He had been admitted to following a recurrent depressive episode. Despite being in what was hoped to be a safe hospital environment his condition deteriorated and he took his own life by fashioning a ligature to a piece of furniture in his room. He was able to do this despite apparent observations being undertaken in accordance with the regime put in place on his admission.

Lanyon Bowdler assisted the family at the inquest to obtain evidence to assist with the investigation into the standard of care that he received whilst an inpatient in the unit. Thereafter, bringing a claim on behalf of his widow against the trust.

This was a very difficult case for his widow to pursue. However, she wanted to get answers to the questions how and why her husband had died in what should have been a safe place for him.

Liability in the case was denied throughout. However, we were able to compromise the case on behalf of his widow without the need to issue proceedings.

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