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Agricultural Land and Estates Solicitors

As specialist agricultural land solicitors, we realise one of your most invaluable assets is your farmland.

Receiving the best advice on agricultural law is crucial and if it’s farmland disputes, farmland acquisition or farmland conveyancing you need, then we’re here to help.

You may be looking to apply for a change of use to your farmland to either a residential or renewable energy project, or you may have been approached for a change of use by a developer or a telecoms company. Either way, getting the best advice from an agricultural land solicitor is important in maximising its full value.

Of course, you may be purchasing agricultural land, if so, you’ll be glad to know we’ve guided many clients through the farmland conveyancing process smoothly.

Call our agricultural land solicitors today to discuss.

Agricultural Law Solicitors

The agriculture law team here at Lanyon Bowdler has years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of legal issues including farmland disputes, selling farmland and change of use of agricultural land. Indeed, many of the team are from a farming background themselves, so we understand how the industry works.

We offer a full range of agricultural land legal services for rural landowners or those wishing to dispose of or acquire agricultural land.

Solicitors for Farmland Purchase

As solicitors for farmland purchases, we are experts in making sure your agricultural conveyancing runs smoothly.

Purchasing agricultural land can be fraught with issues if not handled correctly. From due diligence involving rights of way to future planning permission of the farmland, our experts are sticklers for details.

Our agricultural land legal team specialise in both buying and selling farmland so you can rest assured we know our onions.

Land Conveyancing Solicitors

Selling agricultural land or farmland? Then we can help.

It's great news having a prospective buyer, however, this is a critical time to make sure all your ducks are in a row so we maximise the value of your land.

We do lots of work here so your buyer is fully aware of the potential and so you’ll be selling your agricultural land for the best possible price.

Change of Use for Farm Land

If you’re considering a ‘change of use’ as it’s known, for example; obtaining planning permission to develop your agricultural land into housing, then you certainly need a specialist agricultural land conveyancing solicitor at your side.

Your farmland can be a very lucrative commodity, and it’s worth investing in an agricultural law specialist to make sure your application is on order. This increases the chance of success as well as maximising the value of the land once the change of use is granted.

Statistical averages from the Valuation Office and Saville’s show the average price of agricultural land in England is around £9,000 per acre, whilst farmland with planning permission for residential dwellings is significantly more. Shropshire land prices with planning permission average around £2,005,000 and Herefordshire land prices with planning permission averaging £1,545,000.

Agricultural Land Development

In short, your project will fall under either;

  • Agricultural land - permitted development or requiring a full planning application
  • Class Q permitted development legislation

You may be aware of recently relaxed changes to permitted development in converting existing agricultural buildings into new dwellings. Essentially, you can now build more residential dwellings in place of your existing buildings than before, without full planning permission.

You may now convert into either three larger homes, five smaller homes or a mix of the two as long as it does not exceed five new dwellings.

Other Permitted Development

This information can vary from county to county so please call us for clarification in your area.

Generally, though, if your farm is five hectares or more, you have the right to:

  • erect, extend or alter a building.
  • carry out excavations etc. for agricultural purposes - though you may still require approval for certain details of the development.

Other types of permitted development for UK farmland may also include:

  • temporary uses of land (festivals etc.)
  • agricultural buildings below a certain size
  • forestry buildings
  • caravan sites and related buildings in some circumstances

Many of our legal team have been farmers or have been involved in agriculture. Give them a quick call to chat about your project.

For more information on agricultural land planning permission, when you need it and when you don’t, take a look here https://www.gov.uk/planning-permissions-for-farms.

Renewable Energy Projects on Agricultural Land

Change of use for renewable energy projects is a specialist area of agricultural law. We have handled a number of renewable energy projects for landowners and can advise you accordingly, whether it be to develop wind power, hydro-power or solar power schemes on your agricultural land.

The Government and the public are sympathetic to farmland change of use for this purpose, so your project can often be met with a positive reception.

What’s more, you can often find partners in the renewable energy sector, who are keen to fund part or all of the capital expenditure required, with you then either taking a share or simply leasing the land back to them for a fixed period.

It’s important here to have a great contract in place, so call our agricultural land team to discuss your options.

Farm Land Disputes

When it comes to farm land disputes, possibly due to the type of usage or even farm boundary issues, there can be nothing more worrying.

Once the issues arise they seldom go away on their own and can escalate quite quickly. Having a good law firm behind you is crucial for a successful outcome when it comes to farmland disputes.

Sometimes a strong shot across their bows in the form of a legal letter will suffice. However, sometimes a broader case needs to be prepared and that’s where agricultural land solicitors and experts in agricultural law can really help.

You don’t have to face it on your own.

Call our agricultural law solicitors today. We thoroughly understand your farming business.

Agricultural Landlords & Tenants Agreements

Or disagreements as the case may be!

Our agricultural landlords and tenants’ teams can advise you on all sorts of issues from rent collection enforcement to general disputes. We can also draw up tenancy/landlord agreeements so you are protected whichever side of the farm fence you are on.

Tax Planning for Agricultural Land

Capital Gains Tax on agricultural land sale in the UK must be dealt with in the appropriate manner. It falls into a number of categories such as selling it outright to a new owner, gifting land to a family member or just inheritance tax regarding the farmland.

Whichever one you’re unsure about then get in touch.

We can make sure everything is taken into account so you pay the least amount of tax possible on your agricultural land sale.

It’s a complex area which needs specialist agricultural land tax advice, fortunately, we are experts here too so just call to open the conversation about your sale.

Call our specialist agricultural land tax planning team today.


How easy it was to speak to her and she explained the situation to me in ways that I could understand.

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We had complete trust and confidence that our best interests were being looked after at all times. A quality service provided by them.

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As a charity legacy officer I am used to reluctance from professional executors to communicate. I found him professional yet friendly and efficient at all times - very pleased.

- Cats Protection, Haywards Heath

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