All About Apprenticeships – A Year On.

It does not feel like a year ago that I was writing my “All About Apprenticeships” blog, but you blink and suddenly it’s February again. The first thing that may spring to your mind is the big V word but before we get to 14 February lets discuss National Apprenticeship Week. This takes place from 5 – 11 February 2024 and is a metaphorical gold mine for those interested in becoming an apprentice, current apprentices, or employers, wishing to expand and diversify their workforce in modern and forward thinking ways.

Rewind to 2022 and I was at the start of my apprenticeship journey. Now, almost two years later, I am approaching the end of the programme and am soon to be sitting my exams and assessments. I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss how the 18 months has gone and offer some insight for anyone considering going down the apprenticeship route.

In my previous blog, I mentioned the benefits of an apprenticeship, and what they offer compared to their university counterpart. These include gaining valuable on the job experience and earning a salary whilst you work. When looked at side-by-side with each other, the apprenticeship seems to be a bit of a no brainer.

A quick Google search shows the average debt for an undergraduate university student sits at around £45,000. The average debt for a student just finishing their Level 7 apprenticeship – which is the equivalent to a master’s degree – sits at £0.00. Unless you acquire a part-time job whilst attending university, the average salary you will earn is £0.00. The average salary for an apprentice varies, ranging anywhere from £12,000 to £23,000 depending on your employer and your qualification level (as per a Google search). In addition to all of this, a survey by Universum found that 58% of leading employers value work experience among applicants more than grades or the name of their university, with a staggering 87% of employers saying they value a positive work attitude over qualifications. Choosing an apprenticeship gives you all of these benefits plus a plethora of others.

One thing I have found invaluable is being able to witness and be a part of real life litigation and experiences only found within the workplace. I had been in my role just one month before my first trip to a barristers chambers and six months before my first outing to court to attend a trial. Since then, the opportunities that have been made available to me have been non-stop, opportunities that you just cannot get or replicate within the classroom or lecture hall.

At the time of writing, there is an All About Apprenticeships (Shropshire) 2024 event scheduled to take place on 6 February 2024 at Shrewsbury Town Football Club. This will run from 14:00 – 19:00 and it is free to attend. As like last year, Lanyon Bowdler will have a stand and multiple apprentices will be present throughout the day accompanied by a member of our Marketing Team, they will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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