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Published on 5 Jan 2018

As you’re most likely aware, one of the most important things for a legal career is experience. As such, many law students and aspiring solicitors will seek and hopefully obtain work experience. It’s vital to make the most of this, and there are a few simple things you can do to help you do so. Law is a competitive field. It’s sensible to make sure you apply early to give yourself the best chance of scheduling in some work experience, as firms often have limited availability.

Apply in plenty of time

At Lanyon Bowdler we recommend students apply at least 12 months in advance, particularly if you are looking to spend a week with us in June. Undergraduates or students who are happy to join us for a week during school/university holidays still need to apply well in advance, but may find there are more options available.

Be prompt

Lateness is a bad sign. Make sure you arrive on time, ready for the day, every day!

Be enthusiastic

It might well be that you’re lucky enough to experience a variety of departments during your work experience, to give you an overview of several areas of law – certainly here at Lanyon Bowdler we try to offer this. We appreciate you might not know anything about the departments you join, so enthusiasm is really key for making sure you pick up as much as you possibly can to try to understand what life in that department is really like.

Ask questions

We love talking about our jobs. We really do. We very rarely have an excuse to do this, so please, take advantage – we’re very happy to answer any questions you might have!

Lanyon Bowdler does offer work experience placements. If you are looking for such a placement please contact

Best of luck!

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