Agricultural Wages in Wales 2024.

The Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2024 (“the Order”) came into force on 1 April 2024 and increased the minimum wage rates and allowances for agricultural, horticultural and agri-forestry employees in Wales.

From 1 April 2024 the National Living Wage was extended to 21 and 22 year olds and the age bands of the Order have been amended accordingly, with the 23 years+ age bands being removed.

In another change, the overtime rate is now payable at 1.5 times the agricultural worker’s actual hourly rates of pay, rather than the minimum hourly rate of pay prescribed in the Order.

The new rates of pay and other allowances that are payable from 1 April are set out below.

GradeRate per hour
A1 – Agricultural Development Worker (16-17 years)£6.56
A2 – Agricultural Development Worker (18-20 years)£8.82
A3 – Agricultural Development Worker (21 years+)£11.73
B1 – Agricultural Worker (16-17 years)£6.56
B2 – Agricultural Worker (18-20 years)£8.82
B3 – Agricultural Worker (21 years+)£11.79
C – Agricultural Advanced Worker£12.27
D – Senior Agricultural Worker£13.46
E – Agricultural Manager£14.77
Apprentice Year 1£6.40
Apprentice Year 2 (aged 16-17)£6.40
Apprentice Year 2 (aged 18-20)£8.60
Apprentice Year 2 (aged 21+)£11.44

Other Allowances
Dog Allowance£10.16per dog per week
Night Time Work Allowance£1.93per hour of night work
Birth Adoption Allowance£79.86for each child
Accommodation Offset Allowance (House)£1.79per week
Accommodation Offset Allowance (Other Accommodation)£5.74per day

The Order can be accessed here.

For further information and advice in relation to employment law specific to the agricultural sector in Wales, please contact me or another member of the Employment Team.

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