Panorama – A Spotlight On Gloucestershire Maternity: What Can We Expect?

Published on 22 Jan 2024

On Monday 29 January 2024, Panorama will air an episode focusing on the failings in maternity care at a Trust in Gloucestershire.

The Care Quality Commission has said that maternity services at the Trust are inadequate and Panorama has calculated that maternal deaths are almost double the national average.

A week away from broadcast, we predict that the revelations made will shake the local community, as it did in Shropshire when Panorama shone a light on heartbreakingly similar circumstances.

As the lead law firm supporting families impacted by the Shropshire maternity scandal, we know how hard it is for families to process the sheer magnitude of failings identified and to know where to turn if they think they may have fallen victim. What we have also seen with Shropshire is that the failures were longstanding, meaning that there are families who suffered decades ago who are still looking for answers, or even worse, blaming themselves.

Significant changes are needed in maternity services nationally and the NHS has already been given a blueprint for a journey towards better, safer, more compassionate maternity services. Whilst some progress has been made, not enough has been done. The litigation and police investigations that follow explosive programmes like Panorama are incredibly difficult for families.

We are proud of the work we have done to date for the Shropshire families across both our Shrewsbury and Hereford offices and will be on hand to offer free initial advice to the families impacted in Gloucestershire. Please visit get in touch for further advice and one of our specialist solicitors will be in touch.

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