Work Experience 2023.

My Work Experience 17-21 July 2023 by Will Weston. For my work experience, I attended an interview at Lanyon Bowdler and was delighted to be offered a place.

I am always keen to learn something new so being able to do my work experience in five different departments was really interesting. I had the opportunity to learn something new every day I have been here. From reading a title register, to being able to read the Mental Capacity Act. I have been able to learn a lot during my time here. Everybody here has been so friendly and welcoming, whenever I didn’t understand something, someone would always give a helping hand.

The days have been very busy, however, they have been very enjoyable. It has been very informative, allowing me to consider different viewpoints on different scenarios. It has also allowed me to put skills I have learnt to the test. From giving my opinion on what to do in different scenarios, to planning charity events, the list on what I have learnt is endless. Doing my work experience here has shown me that you can learn something new every day. You put different skills to use every day, using maths to work out service fees in properties, to using creativity to create an eye catching poster. Using literacy for the different definitions of words.

It also has shown me the process of finding work, how to write a cover letter and having an interview, giving me experience for later on in life when I need these skills to find employment. The ability to try everything I can with Lanyon Bowdler has been amazing. It has definitely opened my eyes to what employment is in the world.

Thank you everyone at Lanyon Bowdler for the friendly, informative week I have experienced.

If you’re interested in work experience with Lanyon Bowdler you can find out more here.

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