Work Experience Interview Tips.

A common source of worry for students is interviews. They can be scary things when you have never done one!

We incorporate interviews into our work experience process. We often hear that this is great experience for students who may well have limited experience of interviews, especially for legal work experience placements which are highly competitive.

There are some things to remember and some ways you can prepare for work experience interviews at Lanyon Bowdler:

1. Try to Stay Relaxed

Our interviews are informal and designed to give us a chance to get to know each other. We know you might be nervous and that’s ok! The interview isn’t there to catch you out or put you on the spot. We know interviews can be daunting and we have all been there so we know exactly how you feel. Do your best to relax and remember it’s your opportunity to get to know us too!

2. Be Prepared to Talk About Yourself

We like to hear about you. If you have something interesting on your CV, we will definitely ask about it – we love hearing about your hobbies and interests and what you’re studying. You are the absolute best authority on you, so this is a real time to shine and enjoy telling us about yourself.

3. Make a Note of Any Questions You Have

You will always have the opportunity to ask questions, and there is no such thing as a silly question. It is easy to forget what you wanted to ask in the moment though, so a note of a few key things you want to know can be really helpful to have available.

We also have a podcast episode on work experience for anyone who would like to learn more!

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