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Child Law Solicitors: Family & Child Custody Arrangements and Children's Law


Our Child Law Solicitors offer specialist legal advice on all areas of family law relating to child arrangements and child custody.  They are vastly experienced in helping and supporting families through tough and challenging situations.  Any issue or dispute affecting the family can be difficult and upsetting, but when children are involved the situation becomes all the more worrying.

It is essential that you take professional, legal advice as early as possible to ensure the children themselves are protected and that any decisions taken on their behalf are in their very best interests.

We recognise the need for discretion at all times and will handle your case sensitively and with understanding. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable whilst delivering first class advice and exceptional customer service, offering you peace of mind and reassurance during what can be an already stressful time.

Your family matters to us and we are on your side to help you reach an amicable and positive conclusion, whatever the situation.

To find out more about how we can help, give the team a call or fill in the online enquiry form.

What Our Child Law Solicitors Do

Lanyon Bowdler is able to provide you with specialist advice on all areas of child law including:

Child Arrangement Orders

We can help you with decisions about where your children should live, access arrangements and parental responsibility following a divorce or civil partnership dissolution. We have an extremely strong track-record of successfully helping separating parents to agree on these matters through discussion and dialogue. Where this approach does not bring about a resolution however, we can help you apply to the court for a Child Arrangement Order. We will help you to complete all the necessary paperwork, represent you at hearings and will carefully prepare all statements and evidence that the court will require to reach the right decision.  

Legal advice for grandparents

Although as a grandparent you don’t have automatic legal rights when it comes to your grandchildren, that is not the full picture and we regularly provide legal advice and support to families facing issues or disputes on this matter. Whether you are pursuing a legal order to formalise guardianship of your grandchildren or whether, as a grandparent, you are fighting for your right to see them, we can offer all the help you will need.

Legal advice for stepfamilies

There are many issues affecting stepfamilies including parental responsibility, adoption and inheritance. Whatever the situation, our team of family law specialists are on hand with the expert, legal advice you will need to bring your case to a swift and effective close.

Removing parental responsibilities

The law surrounding parental responsibility can be confusing but we can provide you with clarity and guidance. We can advise on all aspects of parental responsibility including agreements and orders, as well as the court process to have this responsibility removed where necessary and possible. We can also provide information on alternative routes such as surrendering or transferring parental responsibility.

Special Guardianship Orders

If you wish to apply for a Special Guardianship Order then we can help you with the full, legal process, the assessment process and the full court proceedings. We are also able to help anyone wishing to change or remove the order so that they are able to obtain sole, legal responsibility for their children.

Court hearings

We can help you with any dispute resolution appointments and hearings, which are designed to give you the opportunity to voice your thoughts and concerns in decisions about the living arrangements and/or welfare of your children. The aim is always to help both parents resolve as many issues as possible and come to an agreement, but where this is not possible we will establish all the facts to help the court make a decision about arrangements for your children.

We can also help you to prepare for a fact finding hearing, which will be held in the event that either party raises allegations of domestic or child abuse

We can also help you prepare for a final contested hearing, which will be held at the end of court proceedings of the parties have not been able to reach an agreement.   

Child maintenance

Our team of specialists will explain how child maintenance is calculated and will advise on all aspects of your entitlement including whether an agreement can be drawn up without the involvement of the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), if a formal agreement needs to be made and how this may impact upon the level of maintenance paid or received. 

Paternity disputes

We will take the time to thoroughly understand your individual circumstances so that we can provide you with tailored advice about how your particular paternity dispute can be resolved either with or without court action.

Our dedicated Child Law Solicitors have an excellent track record of securing successful outcomes for families nationally, providing them with reassurance and peace of mind for the future.  

Why Choose the Child Law Solicitors at Lanyon Bowdler?

Our friendly and approachable team offers specialist advice on all areas of child and family law, providing a first-class and professional service. You will have the full focus of a highly accomplished lawyer who will be on hand throughout to offer reassurance and support during what can be a stressful time.

How much does child law legal advice cost?

At Lanyon Bowdler, we have a no-surprise approach to costs. We offer fixed fees and  staged payment options in addition to the traditional hourly charging rate, so that you can tailor your personal payment plan to suit your personal circumstances.

Armed Forces Covenant

Lanyon Bowdler is proud to be part of the Armed Forces Covenant, recognising the incredible work of current and ex-military personnel by ensuring that they have access to the very best specialist, legal advice and justice.

We understand the unique issues that many members and veterans of the armed forces face, which is why we have signed up to the Operations Group in Shropshire and Herefordshire to provide any legal support and practical advice that they and their families may need.

Working in partnership with Shropshire Council and many other agencies including Help for Heroes, Royal British Legion, Veterans UK, local military regiments and West Mercia Police, we attend the hub set up in Shrewsbury town centre every month, so that veterans are able to access first-rate legal advice whenever they need it.   

Contact the Child Law Solicitors at Lanyon Bowdler

Please give us a call for a friendly, confidential, chat about how we can help support you when you or your family need legal advice and representation. Please contact a member of the team or complete our online enquiry form on the righthand side of this page. 

By choosing Lanyon Bowdler for child law legal advice, you can rest assured that you have the best legal expertise on hand no matter what the situation. We are committed to providing exceptional levels of client care and will work closely and considerately with you to help find the best outcomes. Our Family Law team has great experience in all areas of family law and family mediation. 

We have offices in Shrewsbury, Bromyard, Conwy, Hereford, Ludlow, Oswestry and Telford, regularly acting on behalf of clients across Shropshire, Herefordshire, Mid and North Wales and throughout the Midlands, including Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

As a leading full-service law firm however, we can represent you wherever you live in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, so don’t hesitate to take advice from the family law experts.

If you or a loved one needs legal advice or representation then please give us a call for a friendly, confidential chat about how we can help support you. Contact a member of the team on the phone or by completing the online enquiry form at the top of this page.


Fantastic law firm - used Lanyon Bowdler for conveyancing & for legal advice - both solicitors I worked with were effective & professional. Law firm were fast & responsive to queries & clear pricing. Would recommend.   

- Samantha, Via Review Solicitors

Impressed by the efficiency and how they took control of our case. We don't have much of an understanding regarding solicitors and the legal system, but we were led through the whole process very well. We always felt we were in good hands.

- Mrs R Lutwyche, Shrewsbury

I was impressed with the efficiency and welcome of staff. Excellent office layout and service.  

- Mrs S James & Mr W Parkinson, Telford

A warm welcome from the receptionist. Extremely impressed by all that have helped us, peace of mind for our future.

- Mr M Court & Mrs A May, Shrewsbury

Always very efficient in dealing with the workload and advice given in divorce. Would highly recommend the service I received. 

- Mrs Suzanne Purvin

Knowledge and information given was accurate and realistic.

- Mrs Eleanor Margaret Howells, Hereford

Very efficient, pleasant and fully explained. I am well satisfied.

- Mr Stephen Turner, Oswestry

Friendly atmosphere and very professional attitude. 

- Mr Sidney Jolliffe, Oswestry

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Do I need a Child Custody Lawyer?

The prospect of having to fight for the right to be with your child or children can be somewhat overwhelming, but ensuring you have a skilled child custody lawyer on your side can make all the difference. Child Law Solicitors are family lawyers who have gained extensive experience in child arrangement and child custody cases.

In many situations, by working together with a child's best interests in mind, parents can successfully negotiate an agreeable custody agreement without needing to go to court. Unfortunately, there are instances where one parent's idea of what's best for the children differs significantly from the other's and no form of agreement can be reached.

If you can sit down with your child's other parent and agree on the details of physical and legal custody, visitation, and child support, then it's unlikely that you'll require the services of a lawyer. If you can't, you might need a family lawyer, a mediator, or even both.

What do Child Law Solicitors do?

Our Child Law Solicitors offer specialist legal advice on all areas of family law relating to child arrangements and child custody. They are vastly experienced in helping and supporting families through tough and challenging situations.

How much are Child Custody Lawyers?

At Lanyon Bowdler, we have a transparent approach to costs so there are never any surprises. We offer fixed fees and staged payment options in addition to the traditional hourly charging rate. You can tailor your payment plan to suit your personal circumstances.