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Medication and Drug Side Effects Injuries & Prescription Errors

Prescribed drug injury claims

For thousands of people throughout the UK, their GP is their first port of call when they begin to feel unwell. In many cases their GP will write a prescription for medication in an attempt to improve or resolve the symptoms of their patients. Sadly, for some the prescribed drug can have the adverse effect. Instead of helping the problem the medication can actually lead to further complications, causing undesirable side effects; and in rare cases even result in death, depending on the drug and how long it is taken for.

According to the UK’s drugs and pharmaceutical product regulation authority, the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency, (MHRA), around 40,000 medical prescription and dispensation errors occur annually. In addition, a fifth of these mistakes result in substantial harm to the affected patients.

It is thought that around 5% of these errors result in serious harm and even death in the most severe cases. Whilst it’s worth remembering that the majority of pharmaceutical products registered by the MHRA are completely safe, some of the approved medication may later be found to be damaging to the long-term health of the patients for whom they were intended to help.

The outcome for some individuals who have taken these drugs and developed harmful side effects, have in certain cases proved to be devastating, leaving the patients with life-long mental or physical problems. While the manufacturers of these pharmaceutical products and doctors now acknowledge that a drug may not be suitable for certain individuals who were prescribed it, the change of position may have come far too late for the victims and their families.

Prescribing and dispensing errors

In addition to negligence on the part of drug manufacturers, prescribing and dispensing errors have also led to adverse side effects in a patient’s health. Examples of these include a doctor incorrectly writing up the dose of the drug, which in extreme circumstances can lead to the patient accidentally taking an overdose.

Errors have also been made when prescribing medication to children and they have mistakenly been prescribed an adult dose. GPs sometimes prescribe drugs repeatedly for many years without assessing whether a repeat prescription is appropriate for the patient. This can potentially lead to physical injury from chronic overdose or addiction to certain medications, such as sleeping tablets.

Dispensing errors are different as they commonly occur at the pharmacy. This could be due to the doctor misspelling the name of the drug, or, something as simple as the pharmasist picking the wrong medication from the shelf. As a result, the patient may not receive the correct treatment for their condition which could then worsen, or they might take a drug that has an adverse reaction.

In any of these circumstances, this is not the fault of the patient and as a result they may have a strong case for claiming compensation on the grounds of medical negligence. At Lanyon Bowdler we have secured considerable compensation fees for victims of medical negligence. As specialists in this area of law, we possess the knowledge and expertise to pursue your case against the prescriber, dispenser or both securing the best possible outcome for you.

Pursuing a medical negligence claim

Whatever problem you’ve encountered regarding errors relating to pharmaceutical drugs, we’re here to help you in every way we can. Our expert team of medical negligence lawyers will thoroughly assess your case and offer practical advice whilst guiding you through the complaints and compensation claims process. Based on the hardship and impediment you have suffered; we will assist you in pursuing your claim for compensation that reflects the severity of your problems.

You may have had to take time off work leading to a loss of earnings. You may have developed a life threatening or debilitating condition that has caused a great deal of suffering requiring care and assistance and subsequently has led to further medical costs. In either case, as a victim of somebody else’s clinical negligence, we will endeavour to secure you the maximum amount of compensation with the minimum outlay for legal costs.

As every case is different, we’ll tailor our advice towards your individual circumstances. We offer various forms of funding such as conditional fee agreements. You don’t have to suffer in silence or go through this on your own, which is why a member of our team will endeavour to do everything within their power to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Funding Your Claim

Please download our short guide about funding your claim.

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