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Amputation Claims & Amputation Compensation


If you have lost a limb during a serious accident or suffered an amputation as a result of an injury caused through the fault or negligence of others, then you are rightly entitled to make an Amputation Claim for compensation.

A Compensation Claim for the loss of the limb can make a significant difference to your future life, so talk to our specialist Amputation Claim Solicitors at the earliest convenience and we will be able to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease regarding the process of making a claim. Amputation Claims are still possible even if you feel your actions may have somehow contributed to the events leading up to the loss of a limb - you could still be entitled to make a compensation claim. 

At Lanyon Bowdler we appreciate the life-changing nature of such an injury and the impact this can have on your life. Physical and mental recovery from the injury is, of course, critical but your long-term needs and potentially those of your family will be best served by ensuring the highest possible financial settlement for your Amputation Compensation.

The highly experienced Amputation Solicitors within Lanyon Bowdler’s serious injury claims department have in-depth expertise in providing support to deal with the lasting effects of losing a limb. We will support you thoroughly in making a claim for Amputation Compensation and help to construct a suitable care package to promote the best recovery possible that also provides for your long-term needs.

Our Amputation Solicitors specialise in supporting those who have suffered an accident that results in the loss of a limb or the need for medical professionals to amputate. We have gained a detailed and comprehensive understanding surrounding all the specialist services that may be called upon to help you or your family through this difficult and transformational time.

Losing a limb as a result of an accident is always going to be a challenging time. Whether it’s because you have been involved in a road traffic accident, or accident in the workplace, or even as a result of medical complications following what may first seem like only a minor injury. Time will be required for you to adjust and mend.

Losing a limb due to the result medical negligence either through treatment being delivered without due care and attention or because of a serious complication during surgery leaves a long-term impact often as devastating as for those that have suffered limb loss through a traumatic injury following an accident. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors should be consulted as soon as possible if limb loss is due to medcial malpractice

What is an Amputation Claim?

Suffering amputation is life-changing, but we will work tirelessly to secure you the compensation you deserve, as well as working sensitively in order to build your recovery and care-package; helping normality to return to your life as much as is possible.

Financial settlements for Amputation Claims for Compensation tend to be much larger than other personal injury claim settlements because of the severity (and trauma) associated with such injuries. The injured person must deal with the huge impact on their physical and emotional well-being, both immediately after the injury and for the remainder of their lives.

We understand how difficult it is to come to terms with limb loss, whether as the result of a tragic accident or someone else’s negligence, and we can provide genuine support and guidance as well as expert legal advice during the course of your amputation compensation claim.

We have developed years of experience in helping injured people secure the financial settlements they deserve, following amputation as a result of an injury.

More than just financial compensation is required to put you or a loved one on the road to recovery and our sensitive approach guarantees the care-plan we put in place will provide the best support, treatment and rehabilitation. Our plan is there to help address and resolve difficulties that you face in the short-term following the injury but also for the longer-term process ahead.

Lanyon Bowdler is highly experienced in handling cases of military personnel being injured either in combat regions or in accidents occurring in training. You can be sure Lanyon Bowdler’s team of Serious Injury Solicitors will offer support through every phase of your recovery and planning for the future.

Through the course of each amputation compensation claim we will address the following:

  • Rehabilitation or retraining
  • Prosthetics
  • Property adaptations
  • Specialist equipment for home and travel
  • Healthcare support and assistance
  • Medical treatment and therapy

Claiming Amputation Compensation Following Limb Loss

Our specialist solicitors will assess the context of your claim with you by discussing the severity of injuries and the circumstances of your accident. We will build a detailed picture of how your injuries can affect you in later life and in terms of your capacity to live an independent life.

The claims process includes two main areas:

  • Determining liability - even if you are partly to blame for the accident, you still may be able to pursue a claim for your personal injuries and losses
  • Valuing the claim

We will secure interim payments for you whilst we handle your compensation claim to ensure you are able to enjoy a high-quality rehabilitation package and that your immediate needs are catered for.

It is of course only natural for amputees to feel a psychological impact following a traumatic injury of this scale. We can also help to provide interim payments to fund therapy from counsellors or amputation nurses to address negative mental effects of your injury.

Reaching a conclusion to your claim is not something to be rushed in any way. We must comprehensively consider your future needs and your input, or that of your relatives, will be integral to this process. Your future needs may well be better suited to annual periodical payments as opposed to a lump sum as your settlement for Amputation Compensation.

Compensation is typically claimed for:

  • Medical and therapy fees
  • Lost earnings
  • Aids and equipment
  • Care now and/or in later years
  • Alternative and/or adapted accommodation
  • The purchase cost of prosthetic limbs 
  • The money awarded through compensation is intended to help you get your life back on track following the incident.

If you or a loved one has had to have a limb amputated due to a serious accident or illness that wasn’t your fault, it is vital that you seek professional, legal advice from specialist Serious injury solicitors.

What is Amputation?

Amputation is where a limb is removed either through surgery of traumatic injury. Medical teams can sometimes decide that amputation is necessary to protect life; to stop infection such as gangrene or to control the spread of cancer. Surgical amputations are on the increase in the UK as a direct result of increases in Type 2 diabetes. Between 2010-2013 there were over 15,000 minor amputations handled by the NHS because of diabetes restricting blood flow to extremities of patients’ bodies.

Between 2014-2017, this figure has risen by approx. 25% with Diabetic patients now 15 times more likely to require amputation than that of the general UK population.

What are the causes of traumatic injury Amputation?

Injuries that lead to limb loss or amputation can, unfortunately, be caused during accidents involving a variety of environments. Road accidents & accidents at work tend to be amongst the most likely causes of amputation.

Limb loss may occur during the accident itself or a limb could be removed by doctors in surgery following the accident. Sometimes amputation may be the only option to ‘save life’ if a patient has suffered a severe burn, excessive blood loss or a limb has been badly crushed.

Traumatic limb loss is often caused in accidents where the injured person is not at fault in any way. They are often caused by fault or negligence of others. Road traffic accidents and industrial (work accidents) result in the highest levels of amputation in the UK’s adult population, whereas accidents around the home are the biggest single cause of children suffering amputation. Amputation of the leg below the knee is the most common form of amputation.

Accidents at work and especially those in industrial settings where heavy machinery is involved can be caused by machinery not being regularly monitored and maintained by employers and also where staff have received inadequate training or where protective measures are not put in place for the workforce.


How can we help following an Amputation injury

Although we cannot change what has happened to you; the trusted team of personal injury solicitors at Lanyon Bowdler are here to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve. We will work diligently to provide legal assistance and support, bring criminal charges where necessary and help you with issues such as employment, housing, and medical care.

We take our role in your rehabilitation extremely seriously and will handle your enquiry and claim with sensitivity and understanding. We can provide tailored, professional advice and will work closely with a number of experts to determine the impact of your injuries with a view to securing the best possible financial and healthcare packages for you. 

Healthcare Professionals

We have excellent working relationships with a range of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Consultant Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists who can assess both the immediate and long-term impact of your injuries and advise on future care needs, based on your particular circumstances.

Prosthetic Expert

We can assist you in finding the right supplier to provide you with state of the art prosthetics, considering essential requirements such as comfort, appearance and the hobbies you undertake.


An architect will be able to advise on the required alterations and adaptations for your home to make your return there as straightforward and comfortable as possible.

Employment Consultant

An employment consultant will be able to advise you on your future employment capabilities and retraining where necessary. Whether you can return to your original position will depend on a number of elements including the type of amputation you have had and whether your job involved manual work or was office based for example. We can advise you on your legal rights when it comes to employment and can help secure damages for costs relating to loss of earnings and retraining.

The Legal 500 & Chambers UK Recommendations

The Personal Injury Team is recognised in Tier Two for the West Midlands in the 2023 edition of The Legal 500, which states 'It has a wealth of experience in handling a wide range of claims.

Chambers UK 2023 rank the department in Band One and state 'The firm is particularly experienced in acting for clients with spinal and cerebral injuries. Also skilled in handling military cases and works alongside clinical negligence and Court of Protection teams to fully support clients.'


”Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors are very knowledgeable in all areas of the claim and always have a ready answer.” “Excellent knowledge and skill shown in dealing with personal injury claims.”

Notable practitioner - Dawn Humphries handles a wide range of orthopaedic and spinal injury claims. She is active on an array of personal injury cases, including those relating to workplace accidents and RTAs.

"She has an excellent grasp of the complexities of brain injury and the impact it has on both her clients and their families."

"Dawn Humphries has a great deal of empathy and she really tries to understand what we are going through."

Contact Lanyon Bowdler's Amputation Claim Solicitors

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Lanyon Bowdler has offices in Shrewsbury, Bromyard, Hereford, Ludlow, Oswestry, Telford, and Conwy in North Wales. 

We regularly act for clients all over Shropshire, Herefordshire, Mid and North Wales, Birmingham and the Midlands.  As a leading UK Law firm we can represent you wherever you live in the UK

An accident that results in the traumatic loss of a limb can affect all aspects of your life but with the right support, intervention, equipment and facilities, you can lead a full and productive life.


Great Service. Lanyon Bowdler and Phillip Roberts were excellent from the outset. Straightforward and easy process. I just sat back and waited.

- Paul, via Review Solicitors

Impressed with the constant updates and that I was always kept informed.

- Mr Paul Curtis, Telford

Always kept me informed as to progress, additionally explained in simple terms what was going to happen and when.

- Mrs C Mitchell, Ludlow

No hidden costs, clear advice within a comfortable setting. No stress for me and all staff were very polite and helpful.

- Mrs J M Stephens, Leominster

Impressed with the personal touch, advice and communication.

- Mrs Sharon English, Whitchurch

Good communication once the ball was rolling. It appeared that LB wanted to fight my case, not just because it was their job. Showed interest in my personal life and family. Very happy with the service.

- Mrs Kayleigh Griffiths, Telford

Very professional but also very relatable and approachable.

- Mrs Lynda Hylton, Hereford

Always clear, professional and helpful.

- Mrs S Horrobin, Wolverhampton

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Amputation Compensation Award Amounts

The basic guidelines for amputation compensation amounts issued by the Judicial College are as follows:

  • Amputation compensation for loss of hands – £107,000 up to £153,200
  • Amputation for loss of one hand by at the wrist – £73,100 up to £83,325
  • Amputation claim for loss of finger or thumb – £6,575 up to £41,675
  • Amputation of both arms – £183,000 up to £228,000
  • Amputation compensation of one arm – no less than £104,250
  • Amputation at the shoulder – no less than £104,250
  • Amputation above the elbow – £83,325 up to £99,500
  • Amputation below the elbow – £73,100 up to £83,325
  • Amputation compensation for loss of both legs – £183,000 up to £214,350
  • Amputation of both legs below the knee – £153,200 up to £205,300
  • Amputation of one leg below the knee – £74,475 up to £101,075
  • Amputation of one leg above the knee – £79,700 up to £104,500
  • Amputation of both feet – £128,750 up to £153,200
  • Amputation compensation for loss of one foot/ ankle – £63,825 up to £83,325

The settlements values above are known as general damages. General damages are meant to compensate for the physical/mental suffering caused by the loss of a limb.

The total compensation settlement figure following limb loss will also definitely involve additional considerations known as ‘special damages.’

Special damages in Amputation Compensation must also account for considerations such as:

  • Incurred and future costs associated with medical treatments and therapies
  • Possible vehicle and home adaptations needed to provide a quality of life
  • Costs of medical equipment
  • loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earnings