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Trampoline Park Accident Compensation Claims


Trampolining is a fun leisure activity for children and adults alike, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, there are now over 140 dedicated trampoline parks across the UK. However, with the increase in access to trampoline parks, we have also seen an increase in the number of injuries caused by trampolining accidents. Whilst every care is taken by the trampoline parks to ensure their operations are safe for both customers and staff, it is still possible for accidents to happen.

The injuries which occur as a result of trampolining accidents can range from mild ones, including bumps, scrapes, and sprains, to severe injuries like head or back, including spinal, damage with long-lasting implications. The majority of people will enjoy trampolining without any problems, but if you have unfortunately been injured at a trampoline park, through no fault of your own, we can help you to make a claim for compensation. Speak to our team of experienced personal injury solicitors today to find out more.

What kind of injuries can occur when trampolining?

The majority of trampoline accidents happen when people land awkwardly after performing a jump or flip manoeuvre on the trampoline, causing a variety of injuries which commonly include the following:

  • Leg injuries - including sprained knees, cuts and bruises, and broken or fractured bones
  • Arm injuries - including sprained muscles and tendons, bone breaks and fractures, and cuts and bruises
  • Back injuries - including spinal damage, slipped discs, and muscular strains and sprains
  • Neck injuries - including sprains, strains, and pulled muscles
  • Ankle injuries - including sprains, twists, and fractures
  • Torso injuries - including broken or bruised ribs, and abdominal trauma

In most cases, trampoline park accidents result in minor injuries, with people usually making a full recovery and experiencing minimal long-term effects, if any at all. However, occasionally trampoline accidents can cause severe injuries which have long-term and life-limiting implications, potentially leading to the individual needing to adapt their home and life, such as giving up their job or having to buy a specially adapted vehicle, which may be the case with limb or spinal injuries.

What causes accidents at trampoline parks?

Trampoline parks in the UK have a legal obligation to their customers and staff to have rigorous health and safety procedures in place, with regular risk assessments in order to ensure they are providing a fun experience with safety at the forefront. The Association of Trampoline Parks have laid out a number of guidelines with the intention of helping to minimise the number of accidents which happen due to improper staff training, unsafe trampolining equipment, and general negligence.

Trampoline parks typically put a number of safety measures in place which help to prevent a lot of potential accidents, and thanks to these measures the majority of accidents, which do occur on trampolines, are now most often caused by people bumping into each other whilst jumping on the trampoline, people falling off the trampoline, too many people bouncing in the same area at a time, or endeavouring to perform tricks which are inherently dangerous and beyond their capabilities and which should only be performed with specialist training and supervision.

However, in some instances an accident can occur due to negligence. This includes things such as faulty equipment, not enough staff monitoring the trampolines, improper staff training, and customers not being provided with the correct usage instructions. If you have been injured at a trampoline park through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors can advise you on the steps to take if you’d like to pursue a compensation claim.

What should I do if an injury happens at a trampoline park?

If you, or someone you are with, is injured at a trampoline park, it is important that the person is initially attended by a qualified first aider and does not move whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. This will ensure the injury doesn’t worsen prior to being treated, which is particularly important in cases where the person has landed awkwardly and potentially injured their neck or back.

In those cases where the injury is minor and is able to be treated by a first aider on site, it is important to ensure the accident is recorded in the park’s accident book.

However, more serious injuries should be assessed by a paramedic who will then take the person to hospital where necessary. If you intend to claim compensation for your trampoline park injury it is important we obtain a specialist medical report, as it will be required as supporting evidence for your claim.

After phoning for an ambulance there are several things you, or someone you were with, can do whilst waiting for the paramedics to arrive:

  • Notify the trampoline park of the accident and ensure it is recorded in their accident book
  • Collate as much information about the accident as you can
  • Gather photographic evidence of the injury and the trampoline it happened on
  • Make a record of any safety advice you were provided with prior to your trampolining session
  • Speak to anyone who witnessed the accident and take their statements and contact details

It is important that you contact us here at Lanyon Bowdler as early as possible, so that we can collect all of the available evidence on your behalf.

Our personal injury team have the knowledge and expertise to help you to bring a claim on your behalf to ensure you have access to the medical treatment and rehabilitation you require, in order to recover.

Whose responsibility is trampoline park safety?

The Association of Trampoline Parks was formed with the purpose of developing a set of health and safety guidelines that all trampoline parks in the UK are required to comply with.

All trampoline parks have a duty of care to their customers and staff; this means that they must:

  • Ensure that the trampolines are set up in the correct way
  • Ensure proper maintenance of the trampolines, rectifying any faults promptly
  • Ensure regular risk assessments are carried out and that preventative measures are put in place when necessary
  • Ensure safety netting is used where appropriate
  • Ensure staff are trained effectively and that there are enough staff supervising the trampoline park at any given time
  • Ensure all trampoline users are provided with adequate guidance and training prior to using the equipment and endeavouring to perform tricks
  • Ensure there are staff on site with first aid training, as well as a fully stocked first aid kit
  • Ensure customers are in a satisfactory mental and physical state before using the trampolines

In addition to the measures put in place by trampoline parks, it is also the responsibility of the trampoline park customers to ensure  they follow the instructions given to them, and use the equipment safely and respectfully, being sure to avoid causing undue risk to both themselves and fellow trampoline users.

Can I still make a personal injury claim if I’ve signed a waiver?

Most trampoline parks require customers to sign a waiver prior to using the equipment. It is standard practice, although it doesn’t automatically mean you have waived all of your rights away. It may still be possible for you to make a trampoline park compensation claim after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Whilst a waiver does carry some degree of legality, it does not fully absolve the trampoline park of their public liability, and an injured person may still be entitled to make a claim for compensation following an accident which occurred through no fault of their own. According to the Unfair Contract Terms Act (1977) the provider of an activity must not restrict or exclude their liability for death or injury caused due to their negligence.

This means that even if you signed a waiver on entry to the trampoline park, but then sustained an injury due to their negligence, for example poorly maintained equipment, or inadequate supervision of the trampolines, you may still have grounds for claiming compensation for your injuries.

How much compensation could I receive for a trampoline park accident?

It is important you make contact with us as soon as possible, we can then make early contact with the defendants and ensure that evidence is not lost or destroyed.

One of the questions we are often asked is with regards to how much compensation may be awarded.

There are a variety of different factors which will be taken into account when considering how much compensation will be awarded. This includes the extent and severity of injury and the impact the injuries have already had on the quality of life of the victim.

Compensation can also be awarded to cover loss of earnings and medical expenses incurred after the accident, as well as the emotional suffering endured as a result of the injury.

In the majority of cases the injuries will be relatively minor and you can claim for out of pocket expenses, medical expenses and loss of earnings. In more severe cases, for example a spinal injury which can have a catastrophic effect on a person’s life. The compensation will be much more extensive and will include multiple heads of loss. In addition to damages for the injury and loss of earnings, it can include accommodation and vehicle adaptations, aids and equipment, together with lifetime care and support.

How much will a compensation claim cost me?

After an accident, most people need to take time off work to recover, and it may be that some may be unable to return to their jobs at all. This loss of earnings, along with medical expenses, can often mean people are deterred from claiming compensation as they don’t want to be faced with a big legal bill to pay.

At Lanyon Bowdler we understand these concerns, which is why we’re pleased to be able to offer our services on a “no win - no fee” basis. This means that in the event your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t face any legal fees.

Why choose Lanyon Bowdler for your trampoline park injuries claim?

Our people, your team. Here at Lanyon Bowdler we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, ensuring we are on your team and fighting hard to see you get the compensation you deserve. Being involved in an accident at a trampoline park can leave you with physical injuries and emotional scars, but our team will strive to ensure you are financially compensated for your suffering.

Our personal Injury team is regarded as one of the highest performing injury claim teams in the Midlands. In fact we are ranked in Tier Two in the West Midlands by The Legal 500 for 2022, and Chambers UK 2022 ranks our personal injury department in Band 1 for Shrewsbury & Surrounds. If you’re looking for a legal team to handle your trampoline park injuries compensation claim with compassion and diligence, then you need look no further than Lanyon Bowdler.

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