Action for Brain Injury Week

Headway Shropshire Garden

In 2010 Headway Shropshire developed the concept of the Labyrinth Garden for the Shrewsbury Flower Show outdoor garden competition. This amazing project was assisted by garden designer, Mike Russell and many volunteers. Local businesses got involved donating items to bring the project to fruition along with Lanyon Bowdler, who also grew plants for the project and kept diaries of their plant’s progress. The garden won the award for best outdoor garden that year, which was a testament to all the hard work by many clients, volunteers and local businesses.

Whilst this took place, Headway clients got involved by potting plants and creating fantastic murals out of paint and chipboard to be displayed around their own garden at Headway House in Shrewsbury. The garden is a great resource for the Headway clients to relax and take some time out in. Many of the features that formed part of the outdoor garden at the Flower Garden were later moved over to Headway and still remain there now.

Fast forward nine years and the garden remains an important feature at Headway, however over the winter months, the garden has got a little overgrown and required a bit of TLC to prepare it for the summer months ahead. As this week marks Action for Brain Injury week (20 – 26 May), we sent an army of volunteers from Lanyon Bowdler’s personal injury department, handyman Paul and Operations Manager Rowland, to transform the garden – ground force style!


There were many jobs that needed completing, including weeding, watering, painting and digging. It is really important to remove any plants that are sharp or prickly to prevent Headway’s clients injuring themselves and ensuring it is a safe environment for them to use. We had lovely sunny weather and everyone spent the morning hard at work, trying to decipher what was a plant and what was a weed, and in my case, trying to get the paint onto the flower bed borders and not all over myself.


After a morning of hard work, we broke for lunch and everyone was delighted to see the arrival of some sandwiches and a lemon drizzle cake, kindly baked by personal injury partner Debbie Humphries.

Hats for Headway

After everyone had eaten enough sandwiches to sustain them, we all donned our hats for the Hats for Headway photograph for Action for Brain Injury week.

By the end of the day, the garden looked renewed and the blue paint really jazzed up the garden ready for summer. Headway Shropshire’s garden is a great resource for its clients and staff and although everyone was tired from a day of hard work, it was great to see the garden looking so beautiful ready for the summer.