Five Reasons You Should Make a Will

One of the first things I do to organise my day is prepare a list of all the tasks I need to complete that day. In fact, I like to apply the art of list making as broadly as possible - grocery lists, odd-jobs, travel itineraries, it all gets itemized. With that in mind, for this week’s blog I have prepared a list of five reasons why you should consider making your Will.


  1. Removes Uncertainty – making a Will means you decide what happens to your assets after you die. Without a Will, your estate is subject to the intestacy rules and the way in which your estate would be distributed may not be in accordance with your wishes.

  2. Tax Planning – a Will may help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that would be payable on your estate.

  3. Protecting your Partner – at Present, The inheritance law does not automatically recognise cohabitees who are neither married nor in a civil partnership. If you live with your partner but you do not have a Will, then they may not inherit anything from your estate.

  4. Funeral Wishes – including details of your funeral wishes in your Will lets your executors know whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated and whether you have any particular requests, such as a green burial.

  5. Executors – you decide who you would like to carry out the administration of your death.