Pondering - Make Your Will

I’m sitting in my garden looking at the sky
Thinking I’d love to be up there, if only I could fly


I’m sitting at my table just working out some things
The cost of living’s rising, and I worry about such stuff

I’m pondering my life right now wondering what went wrong
Been dealt so many duff hands, I know I shouldn’t moan

I shouldn’t be so gloomy; I’m healthier than some
But watching deterioration of people you love is a very hard thing to do

Now I have been pondering, I hope it makes you too
I’ve put in place my Will, so people will know just what to do

Just in case you’re sitting in your garden just like me
Pondering about your future or that of your family

It may not be a subject that everyone likes to address
But make sure you don’t leave your family a loading of flipping stress

Don’t just sit there pondering about life’s ups and downs 
Make a Will, be sensible – it may just save on any moans!