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Will Writing Solicitors


A Will Writing Solicitor has an in-depth understanding of the laws surrounding estate administration and inheritance tax. The Will Writing Solicitors at Lanyon Bowdler are both nationally and locally recognised for their expertise.

Writing a Will is probably one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the future. A Will ensures your estate will pass to your loved ones in exactly the way you planned. With the right legal advice, a Will can also ensure that your money and assets are passed to your family or loved ones in the most tax efficient manner.

That’s why it’s important your Will is written by an experienced, highly trained and regulated lawyer.

Why Use a Solicitor to Write a Will?

There is an ever-expanding range of budget ‘quick-Will’ offerings, but it’s important to be aware that Will Writing is one of the few legal service areas which is not regulated. This means that people, or commercial organisations, with no legal qualifications and possibly either little or no training, are able to offer Will Writing Services. Peace of mind is a key reason for writing a Will in the first place, so why leave anything to chance? Trust the experts and talk to our team.

Writing a Will is something people tend to put off until a later date - we all know it needs doing but it’s not at the top of our list of priorities and there always seems as though there’s plenty of time to get around to it.

It can be difficult facing up to the thought of no longer being here, but ensuring affairs are in order and that those closest to us are going to be alright after we are gone, is a good thing to do. Not making a Will can lead to problems for loved ones at what is almost certainly going to be a tough, emotional time in their lives.

Making a Will is the only way to control what happens to your property, assets, savings and possessions after you are gone, and offers clarity to your family and friends, something that may not be clear if you die intestate (i.e. without making a Will).

How Do I Write A Will?

The team at Lanyon Bowdler find writing a Will affords peace of mind for clients who can be assured assets will be passed on in line with their wishes. They can also be sure that this will happen in the most efficient and sensible way possible.

Our team will guide you through the whole process, helping and supporting you with professional advice that will make certain that everything is carried out as you want after your death.

A Will crucially includes the appointment of executors and trustees and typically will also deal with the smooth transition of business succession, the ongoing care and welfare of children and specify your funeral wishes.

The Importance of Making a Will for Different Family Situations

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ family. But ‘unconventional’ families are becoming increasingly more common. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Centre, “the declining share of children living in what is often deemed a ‘traditional’ family has been largely supplanted by the rising shares of children living with single or cohabiting parents.”

According to the Office of National Statistics married or registered civil partner couples remain the most common family type in the UK in 2019 (approximately 66%), but households containing multiple families were the fastest growing type of household over the last 20 years, having increased by 75% to 297,000 households in 2019.

Certain family situations make it vitally important to have a Will to ensure your loved ones are looked after, including:

  • If you are in a second marriage or registered civil partnership
  • If you are cohabiting
  • If you have stepchildren
  • If you want to exclude someone from benefiting from your assets

In any of the above situations, if a Will has not been written, your estate will be divided according to the Rules of Intestacy. This could mean your assets are passed on contrary to the way you would have wished, and there may be no provision for some of the people closest to you.

How Can Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors Help?

As your legal advisor acting in your best interests at all times, you may require us to prepare lifetime trusts, selling or gifting assets or any business interests, and guide you through any tax issues which may arise.

Living arrangements and other family-related issues can prove difficult and complex. The advice of your specialist legal team at Lanyon Bowdler will focus on anything that may crop up and offer possible solutions to help you come to a decision.

We always strive to be sensitive and professional and are able to draft your Will, along with any other relevant paperwork, so your wishes can be carried out when the time comes. This may involve taking your beneficiaries through the thought processes that led you to the decisions you have made.

There may be particular reasons why you don’t want your estate immediately to pass to beneficiaries on your death, and we will guide you in the areas of setting up trusts which will protect them and any inheritance. These reasons may include the vulnerability of the beneficiary, divorce, bankruptcy or a weakness for poor spending.

You will need to appoint appropriate executors and trustees. Lanyon Bowdler has a wealth of experience in this area and is able to take on this role, ensuring the best interests of your estate are safeguarded and dealt with in accordance with your wishes at all times.

Should you wish to appoint another trusted adviser, family member or friend in this capacity, when the time comes, we will work with them, providing support and guidance in helping them through what can be an extremely difficult experience, making sure everything is carried out correctly at every step in the process.

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