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Probate: Administration of Estates

Our Fees

Our fees for dealing with the administration of an estate where the assets are in the UK and where matters are not contested are based on hourly rates. The hourly rates of the team who may deal with your matter range from £150 to £500 plus VAT (£180 to £600 with VAT). 

We anticipate that our fees for dealing with the whole matter will be in the following ranges, if we are instructed to deal with the whole of the administration:

A low complexity case will cost between £2,500 to £6,000 plus VAT (£3,000 to £7,200 with VAT).

A medium complexity case will cost between £6,000 to £15,000 plus VAT (£7,200 to £18,000 with VAT).

A high complexity case will cost between £15,000 to £100,000+ plus VAT (£18,000 to £120,000+ with VAT).

Factors that could make the matter more complex include:

  • The overall value of the estate
  • The number and type of assets
  • The number and ages of the beneficiaries
  • The complexity and validity of the will
  • If the deceased died intestate (without a Will)
  • Trust creation and administration
  • Missing beneficiaries
  • Disputes involving the executors and beneficiaries
  • Tax planning advice
  • Disabled beneficiaries
  • Claims by beneficiaries and non beneficiaries for provision/ further provision under the terms of the will


There will be additional expenses that we incur on your behalf. The precise types and costs of these expenses will depend on the types of asset within the estate and their value, but in a typical estate we would expect the following:

  • Probate fee £155 (subject to amendment in 2019) and 50p per office copy
  • Oath fees of £7 per executor
  • Valuer’s fees for valuing property assets which are likely to be in the region of £200 to £1,500 plus VAT (£240 to £1,800 with VAT) per property being valued

Services Included

The type of work that will be undertaken during an estates administration is listed below:

  1. Extensive interview with you to advise on the terms of the deceased’s will/intestacy provisions and to discuss the duties and powers as personal representatives.
  2. Immediate practical measures such as registering the death, arranging the funeral and securing the property (if necessary).
  3. Obtaining valuations of the estate assets and liabilities.
  4. Making enquiries and obtaining full details regarding the deceased’s pension and lifetime gifts.
  5. Consider and calculating (where applicable) any liability in respect of Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax.
  6. Draft application for Probate or Letters of Administration and supporting oath(s). Discuss these documents with the personal representatives and arrange for signing. File the documentation with the relevant Probate Registry.
  7. Liaise with all relevant organisations to collect in assets and settle all outstanding liabilities.
  8. Advertising for creditors if appropriate.
  9. Settlement of the deceased’s income tax and/or capital gains tax position to date of death.
  10. Liaising with beneficiaries regarding payment of legacies and/or interim distributions to legatees and/or residuary beneficiaries.
  11. Preparation of Estate Accounts detailing transactions in the administration of the estate.
  12. Settlement of the deceased’s income tax and/or capital gains tax position for the administration period (ie date of death to completion of the administration of the estate).
  13. Report to Trustees and beneficiaries throughout the administration of the Estate and at its conclusion.


Steps 1. to 6. – average of eight – 10 weeks.

Step 7. & subsequent steps, is dependant on a number of factors although we can estimate on average it will take between 10 – 60 weeks to finalise the estate.

The Team

Find out more about the individuals who may be working on your case via the links below. Their profiles will include information as to their experience and qualifications.

Charles Almond, partner
Henrietta Atkins, secretary
Dave Blayney, senior legal assistant
Clare Boote, secretary
Gosia Bronisz-Handley, solicitor
Hollie Daniels, legal assistant
Rita Ella, solicitor
Julie Evans, secretary
Vanessa Ford, legal assistant
Elizabeth Hawley, solicitor
Jan Hope, secretary
Val Howard, secretary
Bridget Hughes, chartered legal executive
Lisa Jones, solicitor
Helen Jones, secretary
Deena Jones, secretary
Julie Langford, legal assistant
Sally Lawrence Smith, solicitor
Kate Lawson, associate solicitor
Tristan Lewis, solicitor
Teresa Merriman, secretary
Rebecca Palmer, solicitor
David Pugh, associate solicitor
Edward Rees, partner
Giles Scott, partner and head of department
Michelle Simmonds, legal assistant
Julia Thomas, legal assistant
Kevin Thomas, partner
Tracey Norcup, secretary
Dewi Jones, solicitor
Jordan Sadler, trainee solicitor 


Politeness, clarity of information.

- Mr C Pudge, Worcester

The staff made me feel valued and always took the time to listen to my concerns

- Ms Castell, Shrewsbury

We had complete trust and confidence that our best interests were being looked after at all times. A quality service provided by them.

- Mr D Meredith & Mrs E Meredith, Shrewsbury

Everything was first class

- Miss Evans, Oswestry

I am extremely grateful to Stephen in the way in which he handled my case and represented me at court.

- A A, Shrewsbury


I am extremely grateful to Stephen in the way in which he handled my case and represented me at court.

- A A, Shrewsbury

Direct line to acting solicitor.

- Mr H Williamson, Llansantffrraid

The team were easy to talk to and explained everything clearly

- Mr Price, Hereford

A nice bright welcoming office with very polite, friendly and helpful staff. Very efficient service.

- Mr N Bakewell & Mrs J Bakewell, Worcester

She was supportive and very helpful - will be recommending to others who need a similar service.

- Mrs E Sumner, Telford

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