£1.5m Awarded Following a Road Traffic Accident

Neil Lorimer, partner in the personal injury team, secured a settlement of nearly £1.5m for a claimant following a road traffic accident and subsequent Serious Injury Claim

At the time of the accident, the claimant was 33 years old. He was riding his bicycle when he was involved in a collision with the defendants motor vehicle. The defendant had argued that the accident was the claimant's fault, because his bicycle had swerved in front of his car. Neil was able to produce evidence, based on the accident debris and witness statements, to show that this was not the case and shortly before the trial, the defendant admitted responsibility for the accident.

The claimant suffered multiple injuries in the accident and as a result of the accident the claimant lost his home, job and contact with his son. He was no longer able to work or manage his financial affairs, but with daily assistance from a support worker, is now able to live in the community.

The claimant's compensation award includes amounts for loss of earnings, care and household assistance, accommodation and adaptation costs, transport needs, aids and equipment as well as an amount for the pain and suffering received. This award has enabled the claimant to acquire suitable accommodation and employ a case manager and support worker.

Neil, who as well as being on the Law Society's personal injury and clinical negligence panels, is also on the Headway panel, a charity which specialises in helping adults with acquired brain injury. He says of the case “this was one of the most professionally challenging times spent in dealing with an acquired brain injury matter, culminating in an excellent result for the claimant.”