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No Win No Fee Solicitors


Our No Win No Fee Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims.

We are recognised for the help and support we give to those who have suffered life-changing injury following  accidents which were not their fault.

Our experienced No Win No Fee Solicitors are always ready to support you whether your injuries are relatively minor, or you have experienced significant physical or psychological harm. No matter how difficult the road ahead may seem. We are here to support you.

We are accredited by the Law Society and by APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) for our expertise in helping those who have been injured. We achieve annual recognition from the leading UK legal directories (The Legal 500 and Chambers UK), with our Personal Injury Department most recently described by The Legal 500 as being “distinct and outstanding” at what we do for those who have been injured. Our No Win No Fee Solicitors are also included on Spinal Injuries Association’s (SIA) approved list of injury lawyers,

Our No Win No Fee Solicitors have specialist knowledge and expertise to deal with injury claims of all types, including more common types of minor injury. We are ready to support you and your loved ones, in times of exceptional challenge. You will be able to rely on some of the UK’s most experienced lawyers in complete confidence; there are no legal fees to pay upfront and there is no financial risk regarding costs for our time, should your claim prove unsuccessful.

If you are thinking about pursuing a claim, contact our No Win No Fee Solicitors as soon as possible.


What is No Win No Fee?

Solicitors and law firms who operate on a No Win No Fee claim basis adhere to what is known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

Pursuing your claim with a CFA means you will not be liable to pay your legal fees in the event of a loss. This means a solicitor will proceed with your claim on a No Win No Fee basis only if they believe you have grounds to make a personal injury claim.

We will begin the process by assessing the circumstances surrounding your injury and consider how likely it is for you to win the case and obtain compensation. We must account for many factors, such as the capacity for proving liability, any pain and suffering caused, the likelihood of you making a full recovery, possible future medical treatment and care needs as well as other forms of financial loss you may have suffered.

If we deem a CFA is suitable for your claim, we will deal with all the relevant paperwork and produce a CFA document for you. You will be awarded compensation if your claim is successful.

You may be entitled to recover some of the legal costs from those who are liable for your injuries if you win. We will take into consideration any amounts you recovered when calculating our fee. A success fee will apply to successful claims, which will be a pre-agreed percentage of your settlement amount.


What is a Success Fee?

A success fee is the amount you will be charged by the solicitor for a CFA compliant compensation claim. This covers your legal professional for their costs/risk of taking on a case in which, if unsuccessful, they will not be paid for their time and effort.

It is expressed as a percentage of your awarded compensation, and it will always be agreed ahead of your claim process. While this may not be the only charge you could be liable for, it will usually represent the majority of costs, and will allow you to keep most of your compensation.

The Ministry Of Justice restricts the percentage of the success fee to 25% of the total compensation awarded for personal injury claims, so you will always hold on to the majority of the value of your claim.

Your opponent, or their insurer, will not be liable to pay your success fee. It will be deducted from the compensation you receive for pain, suffering, loss of amenity and monetary damages. Any compensation you receive for future loss of earnings will not be considered when calculating your success fee.

We will always discuss your circumstances clearly to ensure a No Win No Fee is the best option for your case. Agreeing on the approach we take on your claim is a priority for us, and we will make sure you fully understand our cost structure before proceeding.


Could I be liable for costs if I lose?

A CFA will not generally cover you from any monetary compensation you may need to pay to your opponent in the event you lose your claim.

You may also be liable to pay for other costs, such as court fees or any balance owed to experts - such as doctors providing medical reports and collecting medical records, and evidence on a compensation claim. These are known as “disbursements”.

In compensation claims you will generally have some degree of protection against costs you may need to pay to your opponent. The current legislation around such claims involves a system known as ‘Qualified One Way Costs Shifting’ (QOCS). This will protect you from having to cover your opponent’s costs, but your own disbursements will still apply.

Disbursements can easily add up throughout a personal injury claim, and some circumstances may keep you from fully utilising the benefits of QOCS. This could include a situation in which you receive a Part 36 Offer as part of a formal settlement offer, but reject it and then proceed not to beat that offer in the case’s outcome.

We generally advise our claimants to obtain after the event (ATE) or other suitable legal protection insurance. Lanyon Bowdler’s team can arrange this for you, ensuring you receive the best possible protection against unforeseen costs.


Should I get legal protection insurance?

In the unfortunate event of your claim being unsuccessful, it’s likely you will have to pay some of the other party’s costs. A CFA is not going to cover you against these costs, and, although other types of protection exist, you may still need to consider being insured against having to pay your opponent’s fee and your own disbursements.

We will always be clear with you and offer frank opinions if we feel your claim is likely to prove unsuccessful.

In conjunction with seeking the help of a solicitor who will take your case on a No Win No Fee claim basis, you may be advised to be protected against additional costs by an ‘after the event’ (ATE) insurance policy. This will give you the best amount of protection against any additional costs you may incur - even if you do not need to pay your solicitor.

We are able to arrange an ATE policy for you, after having agreed on what is the most suitable option for your compensation claim. The cost of the policy will only need to be paid at the end of the claim process, and only if it is successful. Should your case be unsuccessful, the cost of the insurance cover is generally self-insured, and you will not be liable for any charges related to it.


How much can I win?

There are many factors that may influence the amount you can claim as part of your No Win No Fee injury claim. Aspects that the court will consider in calculation of the amount of compensation you’re awarded include:

  • The extent and gravity of your injuries
  • Costs associated with treatments
  • The degree and time frame of recovery
  • Costs of modifications to your home or vehicle
  • Loss of past and future earnings

Our expert solicitors will always discuss your case in clear terms and conclude the general value of your compensation before starting your claim. How much you could be awarded and our costs are always going to be explained clearly with you, and agreed upon before continuing your claims process.


What No Win No Fee claims does Lanyon Bowdler deal with?

The expert personal injury team at Lanyon Bowdler have handled all types of personal injury cases. We will work with you and assess your situation carefully, to ensure you receive the best initial advice and are able to secure the maximum compensation for your injury and the inconvenience you may have suffered and may encounter in the future.

Our team has experience in handling all kinds of injury claim, but we are nationally recognised for our experience in the following areas:

If you have suffered as a result of a personal injury, get in touch with our expert No Win No Fee lawyers and we can begin assessing your case today.


How long does a claim take?

The time it can take for your compensation claim to reach a settlement can vary greatly, depending on the extent of your injuries and recovery time. Injuries which take six months or less to recover from can usually be awarded compensation within eight months of the date of the injury or accident.

Some cases, such as those involving severe injuries or permanently debilitating injuries, may be subject to much longer legal processes, and therefore, take longer to reach a settlement. There are, however, options for those involved in these claims to obtain partial compensation before a final settlement is reached, such as interim payments.


Will I need to go to court?

Most compensation cases are settled out of court, many when legal proceedings had commenced already.

We understand that bringing your case to a court can be stressful. We will always aim to settle your claim outside of court if it is possible to secure you the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, some cases involving an alleged breach of duty of care will require court proceedings in order to reach a fair settlement. You can be assured of the high standard of our legal representation, whether in or out of court.


Am I obligated to use my insurance's solicitor?

If you have existing legal expenses insurance, your insurer may attempt to arrange your legal representation for you. You are by no means obligated to instruct the legal professional provided by your insurance.

Seeking the best possible legal representation is crucial in these cases, and you should not settle for a solicitor you do not feel 100% confident in.

We can arrange for your case to be transferred from your insurer’s solicitors to us, if you wish to proceed with our legal representation.


Contact Lanyon Bowdler's No Win No Fee Solicitors

If you have been injured following an accident that was not your fault, or perhaps that was caused by the negligence of someone else, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

We are a leading law firm with qualified and specialist No Win No Fee solicitors. We can assist you through the entire process of making a claim and in helping with your recovery.

We are recognised by The Legal 500 and Chambers UK as one of the country's leading personal injury teams. Whatever injury has befallen you; we are ready to help. Our solicitors have experience in all types of injury compensation claims.

Please contact a member of the team or complete our online enquiry form.

Lanyon Bowdler has specialist compensation lawyers in Shropshire, Herefordshire and North Wales. We regularly act for clients in Birmingham, and the Midlands as well as nationwide.


Great Service. Lanyon Bowdler and Phillip Roberts were excellent from the outset. Straightforward and easy process. I just sat back and waited.

- Paul, via Review Solicitors

Impressed with the constant updates and that I was always kept informed.

- Mr Paul Curtis, Telford

Always kept me informed as to progress, additionally explained in simple terms what was going to happen and when.

- Mrs C Mitchell, Ludlow

No hidden costs, clear advice within a comfortable setting. No stress for me and all staff were very polite and helpful.

- Mrs J M Stephens, Leominster

Impressed with the personal touch, advice and communication.

- Mrs Sharon English, Whitchurch

Good communication once the ball was rolling. It appeared that LB wanted to fight my case, not just because it was their job. Showed interest in my personal life and family. Very happy with the service.

- Mrs Kayleigh Griffiths, Telford

Very professional but also very relatable and approachable.

- Mrs Lynda Hylton, Hereford

Always clear, professional and helpful.

- Mrs S Horrobin, Wolverhampton

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